Kidneys, ailments and all remedies

Kidneys, ailments and all remedies

The kidneys are two dark red organs that, together with the urinary tract and bladder, make up the urinary tract. The main function is to filter the blood , produce urine and manage the hydro-saline balance in the human body. 

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Kidneys, ailments and natural remedies

Anatomical description of the kidneys

The kidneys are located on the sides of the spine and are held in place by abdominal pressure and a thick connective tissue called the renal fascia . Although they maintain their position, they lower and rise according to the phases of the breath. Excretory organs par excellence, filter 1200 ml of blood every minute or 1700 liters in a day.

Both kidneys have a smooth surface, a convex anterior face and a flat and slightly curved posterior face, a rounded upper pole and a more pointed lower pole, a convex lateral margin and a hollow medial one.

The kidneys have a purifying function, regulate the body’s water balance , the acid-base one and the electrolyte composition of the blood .

Natural treatments and therapies for the kidneys

The best friend of the kidney is the elder Sambucus Nigra L., Ebulus ), useful in trigeminal neuralgia, it causes abundant sweating, affections of the respiratory system also from cooling, constipation because it is laxative, diuretic, antineuralgic, antirheumatic. Nettle and bearberry are also excellent .

The kidney-friendly food is onion as it stimulates bile secretion, has a good antiseptic, antirheumatic and diuretic effect, helps in the elimination of kidney stones and accentuates the decrease in cholesterol. All  diuretic foods are also useful for kidney health and against water retention.

The best diet for the kidneys is a balanced vegetarian diet , that is, conducted with great awareness of all aspects of adequate nutritional intake.

Regarding urinary tract infections , the growth and development of bacteria can occur in the urethra (urethritis), in the bladder ( cystitis ) or in the kidneys (pyelonephritis) . Kidney stones are solid and crystalline formations of various sizes due to the precipitation of calcium oxalates, uric acid, cystine and poorly soluble ammonium magnesium phosphate in the urine.

How to purify and detoxify the body

Purify the body


There are yoga techniques that strengthen the kidneys . An ineffectiveness of lumbar functions translates into fear in the oriental dimension, the opposite of an exorbitant creative drive. It is necessary to work on asanas that facilitate the elimination of toxins such as the famous Bhujamgàsana or position of the cobra (which also tones the ovaries and uterus) or partial Makiasana or rest of the crocodile.

In the first case, from the prone position (lying face down) with a little space between the legs and feet, hands on the side of the chest, lift the body and torso until the arms are stretched, marking the torso a little. After a few breaths, come down again to the prone position.

To “imitate” the resting crocodile, from the prone position, legs extended and relaxed, cross your arms, place your hands on your arms and rest your chin at the intersection of the wrists. Hold for a few breaths in the gentle stretch of the lower back and the breathing experience of the stretched region.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

In traditional Chinese medicine the Kidneys ( Shen ) are combined with the Water Movement and simultaneously are the original seat of Water but also of Fire. For this reason the lyrics speak of Rene Yin and Rene Yang .

The Kidneys are the abode of the Jing , they produce the marrow, they fill the brain, they control the bones. They also receive vital energy from the Lungs, are the backbone of the organism and manifest themselves in the general vitality of the hair (although there is caution in interpreting this data, which may depend on factors unrelated to renal energy).

Other natural kidney treatments

Iridology focuses on the study of the iris to identify disorders and possible different healing therapies from individual to individual. In the case of the kidneys, we point out a study conducted by Federica Zanoni , an expert in iridology, which highlights the relationship between skin and kidneys through the iridological vision. The title of the study is: “The skin-kidney relationship – the iris to recognize it – the water to treat it”.

The author carries out an analysis of the iris structure aimed specifically in the areas of the iris where possible variations are detected: for the skin, the peripheral border of the iris; for the kidneys, the lower area of ​​the iris and precisely around six o’clock. Zanoni scrupulously examines all the structural aspects of the iris in those specific sectors, highlighting and interpreting messages on the functionality of the organ. Therapy involves a simple and powerful element: water.


Did you know that although the average weight is around 150-160g , the kidneys are slightly different: the left is usually a bit more voluminous .

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