Benefits of biotin

Benefits of biotin

Biotin, a coenzyme also called vitamin B8, is important for strengthening skin, hair, nails and sugar metabolism. Brewer’s yeast is a useful remedy for supplementing biotin periodically.

Benefits of biotin

Biotin is known by most for its use in comsetics as  a hair supplement, but this is only a partial benefit: biotin  is also called vitamin B8 or vitamin H and, as mentioned before, it can be taken naturally to strengthen hair. and nails.

It is a water-soluble vitamin that is not accumulated in the body and therefore needs to be integrated with the diet.

Biotin and food

It is necessary to integrate biotin through food  or with specific preparations, generally complexes of vitamin B.

Biotin is present in milk, cheese, eggs (yolk), peanuts , mushrooms , brewer’s yeast .

The daily requirement of biotin varies from person to person : if you play sports, a higher intake is recommended than for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. The limiting parameters are 15 to 100 mg per day .

Biotin, benefits

Skin, nails and hair are the recipients of the benefits of biotin .

> In case of acne and seborrheic dermatitis , vitamin B8 is recommended to rebalance the epidermal density. In these specific cases, brewer’s yeast is the best solution to supply biotin and enrich the intestinal bacterial flora , which is also a vehicle for the synthesis of this important vitamin.

> For the so-called skin appendages , hair and nails, biotin helps to strengthen both the bulb and the hair shaft and to strengthen the nails , favoring regrowth in both cases.

In fact, biotin is often prescribed in case of alopecia , if due to a lack of vitamin B8 . If alopecia or hair loss in general is caused by hormonal changes or by familiarity, biotin can do very little.

> Biotin improves sugar metabolism , which is useful in the case of diabetes II  to rebalance insulin resistance reactions.

The intake of biotin has no contraindications even in pregnancy , on the contrary: together with folic acid it is a useful supplement for the health of the mother and the fetus.

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Biotin deficiency, symptoms

It is difficult to find oneself in a condition of biotin deficiency , since the intestinal bacterial flora also participates in the production of vitamin B8 in addition to food supplementation.

But in the case of particular debilitation or in a poorly balanced sports training condition which unfortunately sees a high consumption of egg white, some symptoms of vitamin B deficiency may occur such as fatigue , nausea , skin alterations, night cramps .

On the contrary, there are no contraindications to taking biotin and no cases and effects of overdose are recorded.

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