Cervical and vertigo, remedies

Cervical and vertigo, remedies

Dizziness must always be investigated carefully, because it can be triggered by various problems involving the visual, auditory or cervical tract systems. Here are the natural remedies to relieve the ailment and prevent it from happening again.

Cervical and vertigo, remedies

There are conditions that undermine our balance, our way of relating to the surrounding space. Generally, we dismiss them with a single definition: dizziness ! In reality, the underlying causes of vertigo are different and must be carefully investigated to avoid very serious problems.

The link between cervical and vertigo

By now when we say cervical , instead of indicating a portion of the spine, we mean a disorder, a set of muscle tensions and pains, dizziness and headaches … For now, no one has yet coined idioms such as  I have the back” or ” I have the lumbar “!

The cervical portion of the spine is home to many of our proprioceptors , necessary to orient the body in space, together with the eyes and the vestibular apparatus of the ear, defined precisely as the organ of balance.

When the staggering sensation gains strength, physical and motor stability no longer responds to commands and it seems that the whole world is spinning around, it means that one of these three dimensions is out of balance.

Often the first check that is done relates to blood pressure : excess or short changes can in fact cause balance difficulties.

Dizziness can be the symptomatology of a displacement of the otoliths,  of labyrinthitis  or difficulty in visual focus, but also of muscle stiffening of the neck  or misalignment of the cervical vertebrae. In the latter case we therefore speak of neck pain , a generic term to indicate soreness of the part and related related disorders. How to intervene? 

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Cervical and vertigo, the remedies

When dizziness occurs it is necessary to consult the doctor who, from a first medical history, will be able to refer the patient to the right professional. If the cause is linked to problems in the cervical portion, the orthopedist or physiatrist will develop a path of investigations and appropriate treatments.

In support of medical therapies there are many complementary disciplines that can help speed up the times of remission, as long as they are practiced by accredited professionals:

Shiatsu : this technique is not only made up of acupressure but also of stretching and manipulations, and it can be a very effective solution in case of dizziness caused by muscular blocks.

The shiatsu treatment can also start from areas distant from the cervical tract, to relax the part with breathing and the solicitation of reflex areas, and then approach the painful points with greater ease;

osteopathy : in the event that dizziness is caused by a misalignment of the cervical vertebrae, the osteopath  is the figure able to apply very precise and delicate manipulations that aim to re-align the stretch.

Cranio-sacral techniques are also often applied to restore the balance that has been lost due to wrong postures, strenuous work, traumas of all kinds;

pilates : once the disorder has been resolved, future neck tension blocks can be prevented by practicing postural re -education and controlled gymnastics , such as pilates.

With the appropriate machines and the guidance of a trainer, physical exercise helps to keep the muscles supple and flexible. By doing so, some imbalances can be corrected in the bud, before vertigo occurs;

relaxing massages : every now and then you have to indulge in a pampering, perhaps once a month or (if possible) every 15 days. An hour of Ayurvedic massage with warm oils allows you to relax the mind and body, decontract the muscles and let the energies flow free. 

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