Aurobindian meditation

Aurobindian meditation

With Sri Aurobindo, we discover the difference between meditation and concentration for those who are not satisfied with inner spiritual realizations but want, like the founder of integral yoga or purna yoga, to transform the conditions of human life in the image of the spirit.


  • Many yogas, many types of meditation
  • Meditation in integral yoga
  • Sri Aurobindo and Lelé
  • Meditation and concentration


Different Yoga and Meditations

There are many different types of meditation , especially in our age where everything has to be captivating and salable, with an interesting narrative behind it. Here then is that each type of yoga creates its own type of meditation.

Sri Aurobindo is recognized as one of the greatest yogis of the last few centuries, engaged not only with inner realizations, but also with the rediscovery of ancient secrets , with their reformulation, and finally with a transformation of the conditions of human life on Earth.

Indeed, for Sri Aurobindo it was not enough to unite his own conscience with the divine onein order to continue living a common life, he aimed at a union “in expression”, that is to say a transformation of existence to the extent of the divine peaks realized internally.


Integral Yoga Meditation

Sri Aurobindo is known as the founder of integral yoga , which in his first diaries he defines as ” a priceless yoga “, the highest synthesis between Vedantic yoga and tantric yoga ever formulated, which at its peak becomes the yoga of cells, which aims at physical immortality, and which surpasses even the highest forms of spirituality.

And in all this, what role does meditation play? To find out we have to study the biography of Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa, known as the Mother, his spiritual companion, and all their works and their correspondences with the disciples.


Sri Aurobindo and Lelé

First of all we discover that Sri Aurobindo, at the beginning of his yogic practice, let himself be guided for a short time by a Tantric guru named Lelé , who helped him to realize the experience of Nirvana.

Sri Aurobindo did not die out in this annihilation of the being in which the Buddha himself decided to annihilate himself , but he learned to carry out all his activities starting from that inner state.

I recommend Lelé to spend time daily in meditation , but after a while Sri Aurobindo stopped doing it, and when Lelé noticed this, he declared that all his discipline had been compromised.

Sri Aurobindo in this regard had to say that Lelé did not notice that hehe no longer had to sit cross-legged for a few hours a day to meditate, because that had become his natural and constant condition.


Meditation and concentration

Reading the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother we discover that they suggested meditation only to some of their disciples, who evidently still needed it, but, more generally, they tended to have a greater consideration of concentration, rather than meditation.

The Mother clearly explains that meditation represents a mental activity , which modifies the frequencies of the mind, and therefore does not have a great influence on the other parts of being: the physical, the nervous, the emotional, which remain untransformed. .

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