Natural Horoscope February 2021

Natural Horoscope February 2021

The horoscope of February 2021 according to the astrological calendar, from January 21 to February 19: the first horoscope in which astrological forecasts are intertwined with natural well-being. Find out more about your sign!


The natural horoscope for February 2021  is online with forecasts on the trend of the month, tips on how to manage the period in the best possible way , tips on body and movement, spiritual tips and advice on reading and music.

Overview of the horoscope for February

February is a very busy month! The dance of the planets colors the atmosphere of hope , of new intentions, of dreams to be realized. This month, the Air-led ideals of Mercury , Venus , Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius will rule the energies of February.

Let’s start with Mercury  , which last month began its retrograde motion in Aquarius. A transit that is helping us to focus our mind on what are our dreams, our ideals, our most important projects.

The retrograde motion of Mercury, although it gives us a perception of slowing down, it is an opportunity to observe our old thought patterns and understand if they can still be useful to us or not. What happens outside is a reflection of what we have inside, and therefore also of what we think.

In many cases it will be a question of finding different ways of expressing ourselves and communicating with others, and this not only in the most intimate relationships, but also and above all with respect to the use of social networks, mass media, and their impact on a broader level. , the social one. The numerous retrograde transitions of Mercury in the signs of air this year will urge us a lot to work on our logical , communicative, relational processes.

Monday 1st February, the planet of love and beauty, Venus , will also enter the innovative sign of Aquarius, just two days after the beginning of Mercury’s retrogradation.

In this sign Venus expresses a free, open, unconventional way of loving . It will be a little hard to tolerate constraints and restrictions on your freedom of choice and expression this month.  

Be careful because due to the retrogradation of Mercury, we could be a little more distracted : a message that is sent to the wrong person, an email that is thrown away by mistake, changes of plans, can give rise to a bit of confusion.

The contact of Venus with Mercuryit could also create an afterthought about a person or a relationship. Friends who have not been in touch for a long time or old flames can reappear in our life. In the latter case it is essential to remain objective and understand if there is really a desire to reopen the relationship or not.

Jupiter and Saturn continue to transit in Aquarius and while Saturn reaches 8 degrees of Aquarius, Jupiter begins to move further and further away from Saturn to reach 16 degrees on February 28. Jupiter, in the second week of February, will form an aspect of conjunction with Venus, a celestial event that will not go unnoticed, both from an economic and relational point of view, if we consider that Jupiter, in astrology, symbolizes the “great fortune “, while Venus the” small fortune “.

February horoscope for Aries

February is a month that offers you excellent prospects . First, because profound transformations are coming in your career, secondly because you will be able to put your passions at the center of your choices. The Aries who have been thinking for a long time, planning …

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February horoscope for Taurus

It’s a bit of a mixed bag this February . Mars is in the sign, and offers you grit, determination, energy to sell, but Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are all in quadrature with the sign of Aquarius. A somewhat tiring sky, therefore, which makes it a little less simple …

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February horoscope for Gemini

February is a sky that speaks of new departures , new beginnings, and that marks the end of a period of slow reconstruction, of long waits, of moments of discouragement. To give a propulsive boost to the events there will be, in the middle of the month, the beautiful conjunction …

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February horoscope for Cancer

February opens with a flourish! Mars in sextile to the Sun supports your sign by infusing you with charisma , sensuality, sympathy. Thanks to the support of the planet you will be in splendid shape, not only physically but also emotionally. It is a favorable time to open yourself up to others …

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February horoscope for Leo

It starts a little subdued this month February. There is a general thread of tension, especially in work, accompanied by the feeling of having all eyes on you and continually risking making some false step. Those responsible for this feeling of loss …

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February horoscope for Virgo

The wave of energy, favors and good feelings continues! With Mars in trine to the Sun, February opens in a dynamic and sparkling way . The planet this month will form an excellent trine aspect with Pluto, helping to insert a good dose of intensity …

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February horoscope for Libra

There are many planets that support you this month: apart from the big Big ones of the caliber of Jupiter and Saturn, Venus and Mercury are also on your side ! Positive and important transformations await you, and some of these involve above all the sphere of feelings …

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February horoscope for Scorpio

How many tribulations you have had to go through dear Scorpio! It must be admitted, you are a little tired of this period of instability that seems to never end, but at the same time you are also much more aware of your needs, your needs, your fears …

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February horoscope for Sagittarius

The beginning of February is wonderful for you, which sees you particularly receptive and open to all forms of communication in a broad sense, but also to travel, to new experiences (social, cultural, working). You are a very curious sign, and I imagine that this long period …

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