Pregnancy: naturopathy helps you

Pregnancy: naturopathy helps you

Pregnancy is the most beautiful and natural moment in a woman’s life. It is not a disease and should not be considered as such: therefore, if there are no particular problems, it must be faced with serenity and naturalness and with natural remedies to deal with small ailments. Naturopathy in pregnancy can provide valuable support


Pregnancy brings with it a period of 9 months of transformation. A progressive change in the woman’s body and a hormonal modification that leads to even humoral imbalances.

This period of time can sometimes be experienced with difficulty due to the ailments and discomforts that the expectant mother has to endure.
Gynecology supports the woman as much as possible and monitors her health and that of the fetus, through an agenda of planned checks. Naturopathy can be inserted in this programming through the integration of some practicesand remedies to ease the wait and counteract some typical pregnancy ailments, such as swollen legs, nausea, excess appetite, sleep disturbances.

Naturopathy educates and accompanies you on the path to well-being through a natural lifestyle . To face this moment of our life in the right way, let’s listen to the voice of naturopathy on pregnancy.


Naturopathy in pregnancy: general advice

Naturopathy, in pregnancy and in any other situation, is neither intended nor should it be a substitute for the doctor, but can collaborate with “official” medicine to advise how to best experience the magic of these nine months. During pregnancy, every drug and phytotherapeutic remedy (herbs, essential oils) must be taken under the supervision and approval of the doctor .

The tips of naturopathy on lifestyle and proper nutrition should be applied right from the decision of conception , to allow the fetus to develop into an already healthy and strong body.

In summary some general advice on nutrition during pregnancy :

  • Every day about 300 more calories are needed , without ever dropping below 1600 especially in the last quarter;
  • so be careful not to overeat with food: at the end of pregnancy the total weight gain must be between 9 and 12 kg;
  • Unless otherwise indicated by the doctor, there are no particular dietary restrictions , however abundant meals, fried foods and dips should be avoided. Remember to chew for a long time and eat in a relaxed environment;
  • it will be good to have 5 meals a day, 3 of which main and 2 snacks, with these rhythms: abundant breakfast, sustained meal and very light dinner, never after 9 pm;
  • the foods to be preferred will be fresh organic foods, seasonal fruit and vegetables, no to preserved and pre-cooked food, yes to white meats, fish, vegetable proteins, oil seeds, extra virgin olive oil, whole grains;
  • to eliminate : coffee, alcohol, smoke, refined sugars, excess salt.


Find  out how to experience pregnancy naturally


Naturopathy in pregnancy: practical tips

Relaxation activities are recommended , which make you more aware of your body, of the possibilities of contraction and relaxation of our muscles, which are useful at the time of childbirth .

Depending on the inclinations and personal preferences, the techniques and motor disciplines can be chosen between swimming, massages, breathing techniques, yoga, bioenergetics, Tai-Chi, or belly dance. Singing can also be useful for relaxing and allowing the baby to hear the mother’s voice and sound vibrations.

A very simple exercise within everyone’s reach:

Sitting comfortably or lying down, in dim light and silence, or with sweet music, we begin with a series of deep and relaxed breaths .
Let’s focus on every part of the body by relaxing the parts that we feel in tension , trying to perceive the cold air that enters and the hot air that comes out of our nostrils. If we want, from this state of relaxation, we can visualize the child and talk to him, as we like best.

quarter of an hour a day of this “meditated relaxation” normalizes the pressure, oxygenation of the body, increases the production of endorphins, the hormones of well-being and natural “painkillers”.


Main pregnancy disorders and natural remedies

  1. Nausea : especially during the first months, but in some cases even for a large part of pregnancy, the woman suffers from nausea , with more or less manageable manifestations of vomiting.

    A smell, a thick or liquid food, a slightly more abundant meal is enough to feel the stomach respond actively, with discomfort, a feeling of not being able to hold back what has been eaten or actual vomiting.

    It is important to give priority to dry and dry foods, such as bread, crackers that absorb any excess gastric juices , creating a sort of “bottom” that allows you to better mix denser foods.

    If the gynecologist gives her approval, it is possible to take gingerfresh or candied to quell nausea, thanks to its bioactive components that characterize the flavor, such as gingerols , bitter and pungent.

  2. Water retention: swollen legs and arms, due to poor lymphatic circulation , and water retention are typical disorders that are felt in the later months, when the belly also begins to take on an important volume and movements are a little slower.

    In pregnancy, a very useful part is the lymphatic drainage massage, which helps re-oxygenate the tissues, lighten the lower limbs, and eliminate stasis. It is important that it is exercised by an accredited professional and with great delicacy, as a problem of fragility of the capillaries may arise during pregnancy.

  3. Fragility of the capillaries: during pregnancy, the venous circulation can be slowed down and the legs become heavy also for this reason. The vessels and capillaries can be affected by weakening and fragility processes.

    Both topical and supplementary remedies after consulting a doctor help to lighten the lower limbs, strengthen the vessel walls and promote venous return. Expectant mothers can apply red grape -based gel on the legs rich in flavonoids and tannins with astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. To support the microcirculation from the inside, it is recommended to take cranberry juice , rich in antioxidants, which also helps in case of constipation.

  4. Excessive appetite : it is normal to gain weight during this period, but it should not be an excuse to indulge any desire and excess in gluttony.

    As already mentioned, it is advisable to divide the daily diet into 5 meals: this strategy allows you to never sit at the table with the feeling of hunger, it helps to introject different types of nutrients throughout the day, dedicate specific meals to the consumption of fruit, without mixing it with protein-based foods that could cause bloating, bloating and digestive difficulties. Some foods must be suspended during pregnancy: cold cuts and sausages, alcohol, coffee, excesses of salt and sugar.

  5. Mood changes : many expectant mothers experience mood changes, suffer from anxiety or depression, difficulty sleeping, concentrating. Naturopathy can provide various techniques and practices aimed at guiding towards relaxation, listening to breathing and sedating mood swings.

    Pranayama Yoga practices to lengthen the breath and facilitate diaphragmatic breathing , are able to relax the muscles, calm the excesses of the mind, modify the brain waves. Meditation techniques to help the mind focus, visualize and correct negative thoughts.

  6. Stretch marks and dry skin : prevention is better than treating and taking care of your body from the first months of pregnancy to make the skin elastic to weight changes is essential. Sweet Almond Oil or St. John’s Wort oil are useful tools for massaging legs, abdomen and breasts and counteract the formation of stretch marks .

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