Atkins Diet

Atkins Diet:
It is four phase diet plan used to reduce weight and achieve to ideal body weight. This diet plan contain simple low carb intake. According to research Low carbohydrate intake reduce risk of many disease as well as decrease body weight. Low carbohydrate intake leads to appetites that reduce calories in body which is responsible to reduce weight. In this article I will discuss about the Atkins (Low carbohydrate diet) and give you a complete diet plan with days and duration wise, I will discuss about the four phases of Atkin diet. So read this article till end I am damn sure by following these guidelines and diet plan you can lose your weight in 14 days.
Phases of Atkin diet:
Phase I:
This phase is called induction phase. In this phase we will not suddenly remove carbohydrates from diet. In this phase about 20-25 gram carbohydrates intake for two weeks. In this phase body will used fat as a source of energy instead of carbohydrate. High fat and protein containing foods introduced in diet.
Phase II:
This phase is called balancing phase in this phase low-carb containing foods introduced in diet. Intake of carbohydrate increase from 20 grams. Actually in this stage we reintroduce slowly carbohydrates in diet. For example: Nuts, Cheese, Yogurt and seeds contain low carbohydrate.
Phase III:
Third stage of Atkin diet is most important. This stage is called fine-tuning stage. In this stage you will near to achieve your ideal body weight. In this stage we will add more carbohydrate in diet. Carbohydrates are most important for energy in body. At this stage loss of body weight slows down.
Phase IV:
This is maintenance stage, at this stage carbohydrates are reintroduced in diet. At this stage we achieve ideal body weight. This is last phase of Atkin diet.
Benefits of Atkins diet:
There are some important benefits of Atkin diet are given below:
It is low carbohydrate diet so it used to reduce appetite.
It is used to reduce body weight.
Fat from adipose tissue used and decrease waist and hip circumference.
It is also responsible to reduce cardiovascular diseases specially atherosclerosis.
Due low intake of carbohydrate (that breaks down into glucose) sugar level and hyperglycemia also maintained.
It is also used to reduce risk of hypertension because it controls LDL in body.
It is also responsible to maintain good cholesterol that is HDL.
It is also involved to maintain metabolic syndrome.
It is also involved to used fat and protein as source of energy. That also involved in development.
Side effects of Atkin diet:
Due to complete cut off from carbohydrate or excessively intake of protein and lipids Atkin diet causes some side effects. Some important side effects are given below:
Fatigue :
Due complete cut off from carbohydrate may cause lazy ness and fatigue because we change our diet plan so our body takes time to adjust low carb condition.
It is another big problem due to low carb Atkin diet. Because due to low amount of carbohydrate amount of dietary fibers in diet also reduce. And dietary fibers are most important in defecation. They produce bulk that gives physical shape to feces and due to insolubility of dietary fiber it remove many oxidant and increase pressure that produce defecation waves.
Some Other side effects are also very common such as Headache, Weakness, Nausea, Diarrhea etc.
Diet plan:
It is a typical diet plan that is given below: It is low carb diet.
Day :
Break Fast: Fried Egg + Processed spinach + Mineral Water
Brunch: Chicory Greens
Lunch: Meat Pisces + nuts + Fresh mineral Water
Brunch: Salad
Dinner: Meat + Vegetables Salad + Mineral Water
Before sleep: Raw fruit
A typical diet plan:
Breakfast:  Fried eggs. Low carb containing beverages coffee, tea.
Lunch:  Chicken, Low carb containing Vegetables with beverage.
Dinner: Baked Meat, salad with low carb containing beverages.
Snacks: You can eat two snacks a day.
At the end we can say that Atkin diet is used to reduce weight. It contains low carb diet. There are about four phases of Atkins diet. We will reduce intake of calories. There are many benefits of Atkins diet. As it due to low calories there are some side effects of Atkins diet.


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