8 reasons why you decide to quit a diet and how to avoid it

8 reasons why you decide to quit a diet and how to avoid it

Every year, definitely every year, there are people who decide for the next year to eat better, exercise and lose weight .

Most people, if they leave in January, have already given up their resolutions between February and March 🙂

There are a lot of reasons people give up and I think you need to know what those reasons are to avoid making the same mistake.

Here are the reasons why people gave up their diets.

The eight main reasons

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1. Unrealistic expectations

Having expectations that are unrealistic is a major reason people give up their diets. They spend a week eating better and working out and expect to lose a size right away.

A safe and reasonable weight loss goal in one week is one pound. If you weigh a lot, you are likely to lose more weight at first, but you certainly won’t lose 5 kilos in a week.

Many people who step on the scale after a few days if they haven’t lost weight give up.

Recognizing that weight loss takes time is the first step and if you are patient you will lose weight.

3. Change too much all at once

Too sudden a change may work for some people but for others it may make things more difficult.

If you’re used to sitting all day eating snacks around the clock of chips and cookies, it’s not like after a week of dieting and exercising you might not seem at least a little confused or overwhelmed. Start off by not eating junk snacks and with 20 minutes of cardio training a day.

Once it becomes routine, increase the frequency with which you exercise and learn to eat some healthier recipes.

If you start small, you have a better chance of success.

3. Imagine that the changes are temporary

Dieting is not meant to make temporary changes to your body that only help you lose weight.

The diet is used to learn how to eat better, certainly you will not be able to continue to eat cookies or just salads indefinitely.

Diet must become a permanent lifestyle change.

If it is only temporary, he will only have a period of improvement and then go back to eating badly.

4. Use food as a reward

People who reward themselves with food are a big problem that causes people to make bad choices.

Some people just lose some weight then reward themselves with a piece of cake or a fast food sandwich.

But once you’ve lost some weight and then eat a whole pizza it’s hard to go back to healthy eating, especially if you were struggling with your diet before.

Eating fish and salad the next day with the memory of the four-cheese pizza from the night before is certainly not easy.

You are not a dog, do not reward yourself with a crunchy.

Reward yourself with a new hairstyle, a new shirt or a new pair of shoes.

5. No support

Having no moral support, no help, is another one of those reasons why people can’t continue the diet.

If your spouse is standing next to you gorging on fried chicken and pasta it is clearly difficult for you to eat a small plate of healthy food.

Having no support, no person to deal with is perhaps the most difficult thing of all, so look for support on specialized forums, even online.

Not having moral support is another big reason why people can’t stick to their diet.

If your spouse is stuffing their face with fried chicken and pasta, it’s hard not to take a small plate of what they’re eating.

No support also causes you to have no one to check in with.

There is no one there to make sure that you are doing what you are supposed to do.

You don’t feel like you are letting anyone down besides you, which can be a lot easier than letting someone else down.

Find someone who will join you on your journey, even if it’s not in person.

You can join weight loss groups on social media and even special websites with message boards.

6. Give up after giving in to a temptation

It’s not like we should quit the diet just because we ate french fries or a donut.

If you have eaten something wrong the night before, you should certainly not stop but run faster on the treadmill.

It is clear that a donut cannot decide your future.

Enjoy the donut and then come back stronger than before to your new lifestyle.

7. Skip meals

Skipping meals seems like the fastest way to lose weight, but that’s not how it works.

When the body does not eat it enters hunger mode, that is, the emergency mode as if you were on a desert island.

When it does not receive adequate nutrition, the body slows down trying to preserve the stored fat thinking it can be used for survival.

The metabolism slows down to avoid burning fat that can help us to live.

So it’s best to eat, skipping meals could make you fat.

It’s not that skipping a meal can upset you but getting into that mood can.

It is necessary to think of food not as fat but as energy.

Eating small meals throughout the day is much better, the body starts to work faster and fuel faster.

8. Eat emotionally

Emotional eating is a serious problem with many people.

It’s not like if you eat a cake one night that you’re sad you become emotionally hungry.

But when you start eating out of boredom or anger or stress, you are eating your emotions.

Food as a comfort is not good, it makes no sense.

You should only eat because you are hungry, but 75 percent of people eat too much because it ties it to feelings.


There are a ton of reasons why people fail to lose weight but these 8 are definitely the most common.

Make sure you have all the possibilities and the desire to change the way you see food.

Food is fuel for the body, it’s nothing more, and don’t be too hard on yourself when you’re wrong. There is always a way to fix it big.

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