Aloe Vera benefits for digestion

Aloe Vera benefits for digestion

Aloe Vera exerts a beneficial digestive activity because it works in synergy on several fronts: stomach, liver and intestine and also the skin thanks. It performs a correct alkalizing action without interfering with the digestion processes promoted by the acidic stomach juices.

Aloe Vera benefits for digestion

Aloe Vera is a remedy with a thousand virtues, not for nothing in ancient Egypt they considered it the plant of immortality and was placed in front of homes as a symbol of protection.

Its leaf and l is the most precious and beneficial part of the plant. The anti-inflammatory fatty acids contained in the leaves are useful for promoting proper digestion and for balancing the degree of acidity in the stomach thanks to its alkalizing action.

It is in fact rich in mucilages that form a protective layer on the gastric mucous membranes, it flame-retards them and soothes any damage to the walls.

Aloe Vera is indicated in case of ulcer, gastroesophageal reflux, heartburn with heartburn, heaviness and swelling, post-prandial sleepiness, as it promotes the activity of particular enzymes such as amylase to reduce carbohydrates, starches and sugars and lipase for the digestion of fats.

A healthy and proper digestion can take place even if the liver is working well and is detoxified. Aloe Vera also acts as a hepato-protector , detoxifying and draining.

Aloe also reverberates its beneficial effects on the intestine , facilitating its transit. It disinfects the colon , refreshes the walls, softens the stool, disinfects the intestinal flora, promotes probiotic colonies thanks to its prebiotic properties and strengthens the immune system.

These processes increase the absorption of nutrients, help digestion.

Curiosity: in case of spastic colitis , Aloe Vera in synergy with Bilberry is an excellent remedy to control spasms and regularize peristalsis.

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Aloe Vera and skin

The organ visible to the naked eye on which the health effects of aloe on the liver , stomach and intestines reverberate is the skin .

Drinking aloe periodically moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates the skin of the body , making it clean and supple.

It is thanks to the antioxidant vitamin component A, E, C that aloe fights free radicals and drying out and promotes tissue rebirth.


It is always recommended to use top quality Aloe supplements , with leaf gel extract.

They are more effective and are completely purged of aloin, an anthraquinone substance that irritates the intestine.

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