Redness and itching in the groin, natural remedies

Redness and itching in the groin, natural remedies

Redness and itching in the groin are “embarrassing” and delicate disorders to treat. Let’s see which natural remedies to use, respecting the particular “delicacy” of the areas.

Redness and itching in the groin, natural remedies

Redness and itching in the groin: causes

The groin is an area of ​​the body that is forced , almost all of the time, into clothing.

The use of linen in synthetic fibers , as well as the use of tight-fitting clothing that does not allow the skin to breathe, the use of too aggressive soaps, creams, hair removal that is not cared for or performed too often, up to the use of detergents and softeners for clothes, they can irritate the already delicate skin of the groin.

Added to this is that the groin is a particularly hot and humid area of ​​the body , prone to sweating during physical activity or in case of emotional tension.

This non-exhaustive list can lead to redness and itching in the groin .

In some cases, bacteria or mycosis can also develop and worsen the situation, causing peeling and rashes.


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Redness and itching in the groin: natural remedies

The reddening of the skin in the groin area is the first symptom of a problem that could get worse: for this reason it should never be underestimated and action must be taken immediately. It is not normal for the skin to be reactive, red .

Worse still if blisters , peeling , spots occur . When, after redness, itching arises, you are already in a situation of advanced irritation , and it is necessary to use natural remedies.

The groin, due to its proximity to the genitals and the final part of the intestine, must be treated with caution , to prevent the remedies used from compromising the delicate mucous membranes of these sections of the body.

The first thing to do in case of redness and itching in the groin is to disinfect the area and restore the hydrolipidic film of the skin , cleansing the area as respectfully and naturally as possible.

For this purpose, washing with warm water and ventilated green clay also allows for a refreshing and antibacterial action.

After dissolving a tablespoon of ventilated green clay in the bidet, or three tablespoons in the bathtub, he washes the area, gently. It is then rinsed thoroughly and dried well.

If the redness and irritation are caused and worsened by excessive sweat production , kaolin or rice flour can be used in minimal quantities, such as talcum powder .

Another effective and natural way to avoid bacterial proliferation and the development of mycosis is to take advantage of essential oils : ten drops of tea tree essential oil, a strong antifungal, dissolved in the water of the sitz bath or bath, allow you to solve the problem of inguinal redness and itching caused by bacteria and fungi.

Even the aloe gel , with its emollient, moisturizing and antibacterial properties, allows you to solve the skin problem resulting from redness: use a small amount on the washed area, massage and rinse.

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