Anxiety, the natural cure is there

Anxiety, the natural cure is there

Generalized anxiety or that with panic attacks is often declined in the feminine and sometimes not recognized because we tend to look for physical causes for the symptoms and discomfort it presents. We can draw basic help from nature to control and correct some wrong predispositions.

Anxiety, the natural cure is there

Anxiety is one of the disorders that sooner or later affects everyone.

There are both character predispositions and contingent situations that can influence the way we face the day, the difficulties and let ourselves be swallowed up by what surrounds us, to the point of taking our breath away and making us feel our hearts in our throats.

We can use natural remedies from flower therapy to phytotherapy to calm anxious conditions and face our very unknown tomorrow with serenity.

Flower Therapy for Anxiety

“ In true healing there is no thought of sickness; it is the state of mind, the only mental difficulty to be considered: it is where we are wrong in the divine plan that matters. This disharmony with our spiritual self can produce hundreds of different defects in our bodies, because our bodies are after all simply the product of the condition of our mind. But what does that matter? If we fix our mind, the body will soon be healed ”- Edward Bach.

Flower therapy directs its influence on the subtlest part of our being , the psychic sphere, our emotional part and anxiety is one of those disorders that can be treated with Bach flowers . Let’s see the most suitable ones.

> Agrimony : it is the anxiolytic flower par excellence , indicated for all those who do not want or think they cannot admit their inner condition of discomfort. The Agrimony wear a mask , pretend that everything is fine, then in their sleep they grind their teeth, bite their nails, are seized by palpitations and shortness of breath, but prefer to keep everything under control so as not to have to dig too deep.

> Elm : he is the flower of the manager , of the one who bears organizational responsibilities and who suddenly goes into crisis. Elm is a perfectionist and tends to manage everything himself, because only in this way are things done well and with precision. He gets anxious when he fears he won’t make it, when his physical and mental energies are exhausted and he doesn’t know how to delegate.

> Red Chestnut: it is the flower of the umbilical cord that has never been cut or of overly symbiotic ties. Red Chestnut worries excessively about what bad things could happen to the people he loves and lives in fear, in constant unmotivated apprehension , to the point of completely neglecting himself in an almost suffocating breath towards those around him.

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Herbal Medicine for Anxiety

There are many herbal remedies that through their roots, leaves, buds or the phytocomplex are able to modulate our mood, anxiety, excess worry, tachycardia.

We can use them in the form of Gemmoderivato , a glycerine macerate solution that uses young shoots rich in all the new strength of the plant and particularly suitable in case of prolonged intake, also suitable for children and animals.

In Herbalist’s shop we also find hydroalcoholic extracts and dry extracts , all titrated and standardized for a weighted dosage. Drops, capsules or tablets of natural remedies with their active ingredients can be introduced for some periods in our diet.

> Crataegus Oxiacanta : is the Hawthorn in Bud extract , a delicate remedy that controls mild states of nervous tension, irritability, stress. Helps to reconcile sleep, balances too high blood pressure, calms tachycardic episodes.

> Tilia Tomentosa: it is the Linden in Bud extract, has sedative properties and is indicated in case of anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, palpitations. Linden is also suitable for children who are struggling to fall asleep and who are very agitated.

> Albizia : also known as Acacia of Constantinople , it is a remedy that uses the bark and has sedative, hypnotic, antidepressant, analgesic properties . It is indicated in case of emotional stress , anxiety, tachycardia, insomnia

Anxiety, what is it about?

The Italian Treaty of Psychiatry defines anxiety as ” an emotional state with an unpleasant content, associated with a condition of alarm and fear that arises in the absence of a real danger and that is in any case disproportionate to any triggering stimuli “.

Often but not always anxiety is female, the ratio is 2: 1 compared to men. We can talk about generalized anxiety (ADI) or Anxiety with Panic Disorder, the symptoms of which are distinct but growing and one can be the prodrome of the other.

Symptoms of Anxiety

The symptoms of anxiety include conditions of restlessness, fatigue , difficulty concentrating, memory lapses, sleep difficulties, tachycardia, leading to tremors, suffocation, nausea, dizziness, hot flashes or cold with chills, numbness in the Arts.

Often these symptoms are not recognized immediately for what they imply, and we tend to look for a physical cause. The WHO reports a 5% incidence of generalized anxiety on the world population, but only one third turns to the specialist!

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