All the uses of propolis

All the uses of propolis

Propolis is a precious remedy from bees for the well-being of our body! There are so many formulations depending on the beneficial action against seasonal ailments. Furthermore, propolis is a support for the immune system also from a preventive point of view.

All the uses of propolis

The cold season brings with it various forms of cooling and inflammation and one of the most suitable natural products is given to us by bees: propolis .

Propolis is the result of a meticulous work of collecting this resinous substance from plants and reworking it with wax, pollen and self-produced enzymes.

Properties of propolis

Propolis is a precious product with multiple properties that in synthesis help the body to counteract those pathogens – the so-called seasonal ailments – which, especially in winter, or in conditions of sudden climatic changes, alter the condition of well-being, and cause the ‘onset of sore throat , cough , pharyngitis, laryngitis, but also lowering of the immune defenses with the appearance of herpes.

In fact, propolis is attributed with antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antibiotic properties … Almost an “all-rounder” that you can’t do without.

The uses of propolis: indications

> Cold or flu caused by sudden changes in temperature or of a viral nature.
> Sore throat , due to specific inflammations of its portions, therefore tonsillitis , laryngitis and pharyngitis.
> Oral infections due to fungi such as candida, stomatitis , canker sores .
> Skin or mucosal infections caused by herpes simplex, also indicated in the case of herpes zoster in support of drug therapy.
> Wounds, fissures, lacerations of the skin, it promotes its regeneration and disinfects the part.
Dandruff ,it acts as an antifungal in case of the presence of the fungus that causes it, it helps the regeneration of the skin and hydration from exfoliation.

The uses of propolis: methods of use

Propolis is processed in various ways for use as targeted as possible as needed.

> Hydroalcoholic extract : in drops to be diluted in water to rinse the mouth or gargle, indicated in case of canker sores, sore throat, gum inflammation, dental infections.
> Aqueous extract : in drops without alcohol to allow use even by children or to mix with neutral shampoo in case of dandruff.
> Fluid extract : a kind of propolis syrup to help expectoration , thin the mucus and sedate the cough.
> Dry extract : chewable tablets or to be ingested to disinfect the oral cavity and to stimulate the immune defenses.
> Ready-to-use hydroalcoholic extract in spray: to be used asmouthwash to be dispensed in the furthest points of the throat, generally enriched with essential oils and often in synergy with the erysism  to favor the disinfection of the vocal cords and lighten the voice.
> Propolis ointment: a real ointment, sometimes enriched with  St. John’s wort oil to promote the healing of small skin wounds, fissures, inflamed hemorrhoids. It performs a disinfectant, soothing and restorative action.


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Preventive use of propolis

Like all products from the world of beekeeping, propolis is a valid remedy to be used to prevent seasonal ailments and thus strengthen the protective barriers of our body .

Taking propolis in the changing seasons, not only at the gates of winter, helps our body to support temperature changes , environmental stresses, and therefore to strengthen the immune system .

The dry extract formulation is the most easily absorbed in this case and can be taken for short cycles to be repeated. This is because as with many remedies, our body has an extremely active memory and can easily lead to addiction , so it is advisable not to prolong the use of propolis as a preventive measure beyond three months.

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