Do you use the menstrual cup? There is a gift for you

Do you use the menstrual cup? There is a gift for you

Did you know that the menstrual cup is also an ecological choice? Here are ten things you may not have known about the use and practicality of the menstrual cup: if you use it too and want to answer a short survey, there is a gift for you.

Do you use the menstrual cup?  There is a gift for you

The menstrual cup  is a practical, hygienic, ecological and economical solution to manage the menstrual cycle safely. Many women, however, are still quite hesitant about the idea of ​​using it.

If you also still have some doubts, we help you to clarify the  pros and cons of the menstrual cup by answering the ten most common questions . 

Menstrual cup, how to choose it?

The main elements to consider when choosing the right cup are age and whether or not you have had a natural birth . In fact, these are the factors that most affect the condition of the pelvic floor.

Under the age of thirty and in the absence of vaginal parts, small and semi-rigid cups are more suitable, while  after the age of thirty and / or after having children with natural birth, larger and softer cups are preferable .

Warning: the abundance of the flow does not affect the choice . If the flow is very abundant, the cup will simply need to be emptied more often.

Is the menstrual cup disposable?

What makes the menstrual cup economical and ecological is its being reusable , for years and years. The life expectancy of a correctly used menstrual cup is as much as ten years . There are disposable menstrual cups , which can for example be used during sexual intercourse, but they are the minority .

Menstrual cup, are there any contraindications?

When it comes to the menstrual cup, there are very few contraindications !

The use of the cup should be avoided in the months following childbirth (and the same is true in the event of pregnancy termination) when the uterus, vagina and pelvic floor must regain their shape and functionality.

Even in the case of surgical interventions relating to the genital system or vaginal infections , the cup should be avoided: in the first case to avoid stressing a part of the body being repaired, in the second case to not provide the useful ground for the proliferation of bacteria or mushrooms.



Menstrual cup, where to buy?

Menstrual cups are now quite easily found in pharmacies or in an online shop , where you can find the greatest variety of models and brands and it is easy to identify the type of cup that best suits your characteristics, to buy at more advantageous prices.

How to wash the menstrual cup?

As soon as it is purchased, and then between one menstruation and the next, it is advisable to sanitize the cup by boiling it for a couple of minutes in water, using a dedicated saucepan.

Between one change and another, it is sufficient to rinse the cup with warm water (a little intimate soap is optional and must be rinsed carefully). Done!

How do you take off the menstrual cup?

To remove the cup, simply pinch the base with two fingers , in order to remove the “seal” effect that is created with the perfect adhesion of the edge to the vaginal walls (and which allows the cup to remain in position and that there are no losses); at this point just remove it gently. Never pull it from the lanyard without first crushing it !

How to avoid leaks with the menstrual cup?

Choosing the right cup and wearing it correctly is the first step to avoiding the risk of leaks.

If the rim of the cup opens completely it adheres to the vaginal walls , allowing the cup not only to stay in place but also not to let the flow out.

It is therefore important to choose the right cup, wear it following the directions and make sure it is opened correctly. How? The stiffer ones generally open more easily and you can hear a slight opening snap, otherwise you can gently traverse the diameter with a finger .

Menstrual cup, how to put it on?

After you have sanitized the cup and washed your hands thoroughly, you can move on to inserting it. The most comfortable position is squatting , for example astride the bidet.

To insert the cup it is necessary to fold it : you can squeeze it by folding it in two (so that the edge takes a “C” shape) or squeeze a point of the edge towards the bottom of the cup (the shape will thus be that of a bud).

At this point you can insert it, pushing it up until the bottom is about 1-2 cm higher than the entrance to the vagina .

Don’t be afraid: once opened inside the vagina, the cup will remain positioned where you put it (at most it can go up or down slightly following the normal stretching or narrowing of the vagina) and does not risk getting lost in the body! If she is positioned in the right way you will not feel her and you will not have losses .

How to use the menstrual cup when away from home?

One of the many comforts of the cup is its extraordinary comfort even when you are traveling or away from home . A little because it does not feel, does not smell and allows you to do any type of physical and sporting activity; a little because, in case of low or normal flow, you have a seal that easily reaches (and often exceeds) 8 hours .

But what to do if it needs to be emptied in difficult conditions , such as a train toilet or a cabin on the beach? With clean hands, take it out trying to bend your legs slightly, empty it and rinse it with running water . If not available, clean it with an intimate wipe or tissue and reinsert it.

Can you have sex with a menstrual cup?

Almost all of the menstrual cups are positioned in the lower part of the vagina, effectively “obstructing” the passage to any vaginal penetration. In order to have sex, therefore, you have to remove the cup or opt for a disposable model . However, the cup, unlike sanitary pads, gives ample space to foreplay 

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