The diet to lose weight in a healthy way CSIRO: 6 kg away

The diet to lose weight in a healthy way CSIRO: 6 kg away

The CSIRO diet is a healthy weight loss diet that combines low glycemic index with more filling meals thanks to protein. You lose 6 kg in less than three months as a guaranteed minimum weight loss, depending on the plan chosen. In fact, it offers 4 different calorie plans, from 1315 to 1915 calories, depending on whether the subject is a man or a woman, sedentary or active.

It is a diet born in Australia, the same country where the Fodmaps diet was born and also in this case it was developed by a research university. There are people who in a year have lost up to 30 kilos with this method: it all depends on the plan chosen and the initial overweight.


Also called the “Total Wellness Diet” , the Csiro diet has the advantage of being very flexible. If followed for a fee (in English) it offers daily menus, but basically you don’t have to count calories. There is simply a list of foods divided into groups and every day you need to eat the foods of those groups according to the units.

The groups are seven

  • Protein group or first group.

    Red meat, white meat, white fish, natural tofu, eggs, legumes. Two units per day which in the case of the first group are the following: 200 grams of white meat per day or white fish or boiled legumes (one unit). 100 grams of blue fish or natural tofu or two eggs or beef / veal (one unit).

  • Second group or carbohydrates.

  • All Bran or Good Morning Cereals, wholemeal pasta, brown rice, oat flakes, wholemeal bread, grains, legume pasta. Wholemeal flours also fall into this group. One unit per day corresponding to: 40 grams of breakfast cereals and 70 grams of wholemeal bread or 40 grams of wholemeal flour / breakfast cereals and 50 grams of pasta, rice or cereals, or 50 grams of pasta, rice or cereals in grain and 50 grams of wholemeal bread.
  • Vegetable group or third group.

  • All vegetables are included, and can be eaten freely.
  • Fourth group or fruit.

    Fresh fruit and juice without sugar or fruit preserved in juice (not in syrup). Two units per day. One unit is 150 grams of fruit or 150ml of unsweetened fruit juice.

  • Dairy group or fifth group.

    Skimmed milk, soy milk, white soy yogurt, skimmed white and skimmed Greek yogurt, skimmed quark, light ricotta / mozzarella, cottage cheese. Two units per day, where by unit we mean: 250 ml of skimmed or soy milk without sugar or 200 grams of skimmed white yogurt or 150 grams of cottage cheese, skimmed quark, skimmed white Greek yogurt or 80 grams of light ricotta / mozzarella .

  • Sixth group or of the oils.

    Olive, coconut, avocado, butter, ghee, walnut, oilseed, extra dark chocolate, almond, peanut butter. Three units per day corresponding to 5 grams of dressing (one unit) or dark chocolate / walnuts / almonds or 30 grams of avocado.

  • Seventh group.

    These are the sins of gluttony that we can indulge in every now and then, such as a glass of wine, a pastry, a slice of pizza (except the one that one can make alone with the second group). One unit per week but as we will see not for everyone.

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