Abdominal pain: causes and natural remedies

Abdominal pain: causes and natural remedies

Abdominal pain can be excruciating: knowing the causes of stomach pain will help us identify the most suitable natural remedies.

Abdominal pain: causes and natural remedies

“My stomach hurts”. Our children say so. Often it’s just an excuse for an extra dose of pampering or for not going to school .

Sometimes it is real pain, but ” I don’t know where “.

Abdominal pain  is common in children and adults, it can have various causes and the remedies are equally diverse.

Let’s try to better understand how to deal with abdominal pain , their possible causes and their main remedies.

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Abdominal pain: possible causes

In the “belly” there are many things, that is our internal organs , which are located right in the abdomen area: intestine, reproductive organs, bladder … Abdominal pain can derive from pathologies affecting one or more of these organs, or from muscle contractures.

The first intervention we can do, even alone, is to try to understand in which area the abdominal pain develops .

Understanding the cause is the first way to find an effective remedy .

Here are the main causes of abdominal pain in detail :

> Infections or lung diseases (pneumonia, embolism …)
> Heart attack > Shingles
(Herpes Zoster)
> Muscle injuries or tears
> Hernias
> Neuropathies (irritation of the nerves)
> Gastric disorders: ulcer , gastritis , gastroesophageal reflux
> gallbladder: cholecystitis, stones
> Liver disorders: hepatitis
> pancreatitis
> intestinal disorders: colitis , diverticulitis, appendicitis,  irritable bowel, lactose intolerance, celiac disease, intestinal obstruction
> tumors
> urinary or renal disorders
> Gynecological pathologies: endometriosis, menstrual cramps, presence of cysts
> Adhesions (from previous scars)

Warning: in case of severe and persistent pain or the coexistence of other symptoms  , even non-specific (eg high fever), you must inform your doctor or the emergency room.

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Abdominal pain: main remedies

Bad news: there is no panacea ; there are no universal remedies that make all kinds of abdominal pain disappear instantly. Abdominal pain, as we have seen, can have innumerable causes , therefore also the remedies will be multiple and of different nature depending on the situation.

Let’s see some of the main remedies for the different types of abdominal pain:

> Abdominal pain caused by indigestion, with abdominal cramps and nausea: peppermint essential oil , ginger , fennel infusion are useful > If pain is frequent after meals , eliminate milk and derivatives, caffeine, gluten (on confirmation from the attending physician), “inflammatory” foods such as tomatoes, caffeine, chocolate > Abdominal pain due to constipation : psyllium, mallow herbal tea, lactic ferments in the appropriate formulation Menstrual pains : supplementation with magnesium, hot drinks.



In the case of more severe pathologies , it may be essential to resort to medical and pharmacological or even surgical intervention , for example in the presence of:

> Appendicitis
> Pleurisy
>  Gallstones
> Kidney or urinary infections
> Inguinal hernia


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