Abdominal bloating and charcoal

Abdominal bloating and charcoal

Abdominal bloating can be caused by an incorrect eating style, by intestinal malabsorption, but also by diseases such as colitis. Vegetable charcoal is a remedy with absorbent properties very suitable in these cases.

Abdominal bloating and charcoal

Abdominal bloating can result from simple metabolic slowdowns related to digestion , or from the fermentation of poorly associated foods that stagnate in a bowel with little motility, perhaps suffering from colitis , irritable bowel syndrome, but also lactose intolerance .

The result is often a more or less pronounced swelling of the abdomen, with a sense of heaviness. The breath is also heavy, with meteorism phenomena .

An excellent remedy with adsorbing properties is vegetable carbon . Its use is extremely widespread and can also be used for our four-legged friends when they are intoxicated or even poisoned by substances that are not suitable for them.

Charcoal for swelling

We can find charcoal both in pharmacies and in herbal medicine, in the form of tablets or tablets to be taken with a large glass of water .

The characteristic of charcoal is that of being a powerful absorbent : thanks to its porosity it incorporates excesses of air , fermentations, toxins, retains them and carries them to the colon to then be eliminated with the faeces.

This mechanic is also extremely useful in case of drug intoxication, altered foods, mushroom poisoning , because the charcoal intercepts the toxins, retains them and cleans the stomach and intestines.

For the same reason it is contraindicated in the event that you were following a drug treatment , as it could interact, alter its effectiveness until it is null and void.

Vegetable charcoal is also suitable for those forms of gastrointestinal flu, it calms nausea and calms diarrhea , after having detoxified the stomach and intestines.

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Preventing Abdominal Bloating

If the abdominal swelling is not caused by pathologies of the gastrointestinal system, but by an eating style to be corrected, here are some general indications to prevent this disorder:

>  Eat often and little by introducing some foods with a carminative action such as fennel, anti-fermentation agents such as carrot, lemon, pineapple. By dividing the meals we are able to better control the introduction of sugars and above all not to associate them with animal proteins. Unfortunately, for example, ham and melon is not a winning combination in this case.

>  Eat slowly : chewing is the first level of digestion and must be done with awareness: enzymes intervene that allow you to speed up the absorption of food. Furthermore, chewing a lot and not swallowing avoids introjecting air while eating

>  Drinking away from the meal or at the end of the meal helps not to dilute the food and especially the acid secretions of the stomach which must work to promote digestion.

Hot herbal teas such as fennel, mint, ginger and lemon are an effective anti-fermentative digestive . We avoid fizzy drinks, added with sugar and carbon dioxide, some of them seem to be digestible on the spot, but in reality they contribute to abdominal bloating.

Avoid chewing gum which is a filling vehicle for air in the abdomen . It calms the sense of hunger but because it fills with air. We try not to use it, except in the case of a “tooth cleaning tool” when we lack a toothbrush and toothpaste.

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