How to keep facial skin toned

How to keep facial skin toned

The skin of the face is our business card and keeping it toned and vitalized requires a little effort, but a few daily tricks are enough.

How to keep facial skin toned

Toned skin is a concern a bit of all, we treat wrinkles , we are careful to choose creams with a filling effect and sometimes even if the skin is smooth and well cared for, the features are relaxed, the neck without tone, heavy eyelids and eye contour .

What can we do to keep the facial skin toned ?

Toned skin is maintained from the inside

First of all, let’s remember that the well-being of our body can be seen on the skin .

If the complexion color is dull, pale, the skin is poorly oxygenated and sprayed, if it is not very elastic and dry to the touch, it is good that we begin to moisturize and nourish it from the inside as well .

Here are some tips that can maintain or improve the tone of the skin of the face.

Drinking plenty of water serves to hydrate the body and consequently all tissues. A hydrated skin shines, is soft and better conveys the active ingredients of the creams that we use every day to nourish it deeply.
Eating fruit , especially those rich in vitamins A and E , such as apples, apricots, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios helps provide the right nutrients and antioxidants that serve to strengthen the epidermal tissue.
Hyaluronic acid , it is also absorbable through supplements formulated for internal use, with sodium hyaluronate, rosehip that brings vitamin C, zinc gluconate, transporter of vitamins A and E, Coenzyme Q10, antioxidant, all synergistic elements that increase the absorption of hyaluronic acid which in turn has the ability to retain a quantity of water 1000 times its weight, to stimulate collagen and compact tissues .

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Toned skin is also maintained from the outside

Creams and serums are the tools we all use to heal our skin, keep it toned, hydrated, nourished. The important thing is to choose the right phytocosmetics, which respect the pH, the consistency of our skin, and therefore that they are as personalized as possible .

It is not enough to choose the cream with the most captivating packaging from the store shelf ; it is often necessary to be more demanding, after all the skin is our “representative” organ with which we come into contact with the outside world and in particular that of the face needs even more attention.

Oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, seasons as different as summer and winter, lead us to choose different products, which meet the different needs of the moment.

The most suitable formulations to have a toned skin are those with Hyaluronic Acid and those based on ceramide and oligopeptides.
Pure Hyaluronic Acid cannot be absorbed by our skin because it has dimensions and molecular weights that are incompatible with our epidermal tissue.

It must therefore be modified by reducing its molecular weight to reach depth and stimulate the formation of collagen. Hyaluronic acid has the property of retaining high amounts of water, thus hydrating and plumping the tissues, making them toned and elastic.

Oligopeptides are molecules of amino acids that linked together characterize the serum or cream making it a remedy with a filling effect, assisted by ceramides , a lipid component that structures the skin barrier.

How to apply creams

We often make mistakes when we go to apply creams and serums on the face. Who among us has not spread them by stretching them energetically as if by doing so the skin absorbs them more? Maybe top to bottom, straight from the jar? Absolutely wrong!

Both the serum and the cream must first be heated on the hands to make them compatible with the temperature of the skin, without creating thermal microshocks that could cause the product to be rejected.

They must be tapped on the skin of the face , in order to bring oxygenation to the surface, vasodilation and a sort of reception of the active ingredient. The skin and the underlying tissue thus stressed experiences a micro-massage to which it responds by elasticising.

Someone also suggests making small pinches, both on the face and on the neck to tone the tissues, particular grimaces that elasticize the facial muscles. In short, we have various tools to put in place to keep the skin vitalized and toned.

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