A family on a diet after the disappearance of their grandmother

A family on a diet after the disappearance of their grandmother

I find the story of this Manchester family going on a diet together very moving. A family on a diet due to the untimely death of their grandmother, who died of complications from type 2 diabetes
. than her husband and two twenty-year-old children. Who would have decided to change their eating habits immediately, given their familiarity with diabetes.


No beer in the pub, gym membership for all four, home cooked meals and goodbye to home orders.
The result is that in six months the family has lost a total of over 40 kilos of weight.

An experience that not only made them lose weight, Sue explains, but also made them more united. They all simply followed a sports nutritionist’s meal plan, and took the time to exercise all together.
The result is shocking. Exercise, Sue explains, increased the self-esteem I had of myself, and the weight loss motivated us to continue this journey and finally change our life.

But how did two fifty-year-olds and two boys between twenty and thirty years manage to change their habits?
On the one hand, having breakfast at home, and thus skipping breakfast at the bar or take away. And at the same time by eating only home-cooked food, avoiding going out to eat pizza and drink beer. They then left the pub to go bowling, go to the cinema or do anything other than eat out. In this way, and by combining physical activity, the results came for all four of them. The most amazing ones concern the mother: she lost a lot of weight on her stomach and a lot of swelling, becoming a different person.

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