Jennifer Aniston explains how to keep fit at 50

Jennifer Aniston explains how to keep fit at 50

Jennifer Aniston is 50, but a lean, athletic physique better than when she was younger.

And just like Naomi Campbell, of whom I spoke here , Aniston also explains that intermittent fasting follows to keep fit at 50.
This way, she revealed, she can be lean effortlessly. But that is not all. Here’s what the actress revealed.


For some years Aniston has been saying to follow the 16: 8 method to keep fit , or the eight-hour diet .
Basically, she eats in an 8 hour time frame, while she fasts for the remaining sixteen.

In her case, she explains, intermittent fasting is applied in the morning, meaning Jennifer skips breakfast, has lunch around one or two in the afternoon, a snack around five, and finally finishes dinner by eight or nine o’clock. evening.
From now on, she doesn’t eat anything until lunch the next day.

At the same time, he keeps fit by exercising, but not overdoing it. He trains about 5 times a week, to allow his body to recover and rest as well.

“I’ve seen big differences in abstaining from solid food for sixteen hours,” said the actress .
Which, however, also adds the genetic question to the fact of having few wrinkles. In short, it would also be thanks to her Greek father if Jennifer does not look like a middle-aged woman. “My father is old but he doesn’t have a wrinkle.”
Another thing that is important for Aniston to avoid the signs of aging is to cultivate happiness. That is, try to be grateful and satisfied for who you are every day, send positive messages to your body and learn to listen to it.

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