The diet for those without time by dr. Hyman

The diet for those without time by dr. Hyman

Difficult to combine the desire to go on a diet and lose weight with the lack of time, as well as the desire to cook. But Dr. Hyman recently wrote a book entitled “Food” but with the subtitle “What the hell should I cook?”, In which he illustrates an easy diet for those who don’t have time, want to lose weight and want to learn to eat healthy.

The secret behind Dr. Hyman’s diet for those who don’t have time is in fact the Pegan method , that is a dietary model that combines paleodiet with a vegan diet.

The advantage of this method is that it is easy to make, very filling, and you don’t have to control the quantities too much, explains the doctor. Let’s see an example of a menu and the rules of the diet for those who don’t have time.


  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner must contain vegetables for half of the dish.
  • In the shopping cart, put ready or frozen vegetables, canned legumes already boiled, olive oil, potatoes, meat and fish fillets to be cooked in a pan, Greek yogurt, almonds or pistachios, organic or free-range eggs, fruit and even frozen fruit such as red fruits, natural tofu in blocks. No biscuits, crackers, packaged bread, pasta. At the limit ok with rice.
  • Also avoid fizzy drinks, spreads, frozen products that are not on this list and ready meals.
  • Having spices and aromatic herbs will help you to make dishes that are always different.

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