How many fries to eat?

How many fries to eat?

Are you a fan of French fries? How many have you ever asked yourself to eat?

I have bad news for you, so if by any chance you are reading this article on Monday, read it on Saturday or Tuesday so as not to make the start of the week worse.
Seriously, a study has just revealed a rather disconcerting, albeit predictable, finding. Anyone who eats French fries (even in bags) twice a week or more than twice a week is twice as likely to die prematurely.

The study was conducted for about 8 years , and over 4 thousand participants were analyzed. It was found that those who ate french fries two to more times a week had double the risk of early death.

Clearly, we are talking about an observational study.
That is, the researchers established a correlation between the consumption of French fries and the risk of death after excluding a number of other diet-related parameters. Even eating potatoes by themselves does not increase the risk of death if they are boiled, baked (but not burned). The problem is the cooking method.

In fact, frying potato chips increases the risk of taking acrylamide , a dangerous substance as it is carcinogenic, which is formed when a starchy food (therefore also bread) blackens or browns during cooking at high temperatures in association with an amino acid, therefore a protein fraction. This occurs via a reaction known as the Maillard reaction , whereby the substance develops as a reaction to heat above 120 ° Celsius.
It is not the only substance that develops with cooking, be careful. But that is the subject of study.


It has been seen that potatoes in particular , if fried or scorched (therefore also fried, roasted, etc.), develop more acrylamide than other foods that contain carbohydrates, such as toast, crackers, starchy vegetables or other. This is due to asparagine , an amino acid that is very susceptible to the Maillard reaction.

In fact, potatoes contain a lot of asparagine.
The carbohydrates of potatoes and asparagine react to heat producing acrylamide, i.e. the protein part denatures (degrades) and generates this highly unstable substance. Acrylamide is linked to the risk of neoplasms, endocrine and nervous system disorders.
This as I said does not mean that other foods that contain carbohydrates do not develop acrylamide.
Even coffee, for example, if it is burned, contains some. But potatoes are the highest risk food.
And french fries are a classic example of a food that develops acrylamide.

Therefore the study, although it is limited to making one observation, is anything but improbable.

In short, those who love French fries should limit their consumption to a maximum of once a week.
Unfortunately it is not the oil that generates this substance, but the type of cooking.
Even beautifully baked or roasted burnt potatoes are to be avoided absolutely!

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