8 tips to make makeup last on oily skin

8 tips to make makeup last on oily skin

8 simple very natural tips to make make-up last longer on oily and shiny skin, which has always been an obstacle to the duration of make-up.

8 tips to make makeup last on oily skin

Oily skin produces excess sebum which makes the face appear shiny and which limits the duration of make-up .

The phenomenon tends to worsen when you sweat more due to the increase in temperatures: pencil, eyeshadow and foundation literally melt and end up in creases and  expression lines , making it really unsightly: let’s see eight simple tips to make the makeup on oily skin on these hot days.

1. Oily skin and cleansing

In order for the make-up to last longer on oily skin, in the morning it is good to cleanse your face in a gentle way , avoiding using detergents that are too aggressive or that produce too much foam. Better to opt for an astringent and soothing hydrosol such as that of chamomile.

2. Oily skin and hydration

After washing your face, apply a moisturizer for oily skin; the specific creams for oily and impure skin contain sebum-balancing and absorbent substances that avoid the appearance of the shiny effect during the day.

By applying a specific moisturizing product before make-up, make-up will last longer.

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3. Oily skin: better foundation and loose powder

Mineral make-up is an additional help for oily skin that tends to become shiny during the day.

In fact, foundations, concealers, blushes and loose powders absorb excess sebum on the one hand and on the other hand they do not clog the pores and do not irritate the skin, thus avoiding the production of sebum by reaction.

4. Oily skin: kabuki brush to fix the powder

After applying the foundation on your face, evenly spray a solution of mineral water and aloe vera gel . After having vaporized the water on your face, pass the powder with the kabuki brush : this little trick will allow you to make your makeup last longer on oily skin.

5. Oily skin: sponge to mattify

If, despite all the advice, the skin should still appear shiny after a few hours from makeup, dry the skin with a sponge and wipe the face with a veil of powder with kabuki.

6. Oily skin: cleansing milk at the end of the day

At the end of the day, do not forget to carefully remove make-up from the skin to remove makeup and impurities accumulated on the face.

Going to sleep with makeup on the skin hinders the physiological functions of the epidermis and can cause irritation or cause the appearance of blackheads, dilated pores, pimples as well as an excess of sebum.

Remove make-up with cleansing milk and tonic then apply a purifying night cream.

7. Oily skin and exfoliating treatments

Periodically make scrubs and masks to eliminate excess sebum. Exfoliating treatments such as scrubs can be done once a week to remove dead skin cells and brighten the complexion.

Two or more times a week it may be useful to resort to purifying masks based on clay , neem powder or rhassoul powder to mix with water and lemon juice or with sage hydrosol.

Purifying masks allow you to absorb excess sebum and leave the skin dry for several hours, allowing makeup to last longer.


8. Oily skin: the right cosmetics

Choosing cleansers, creams and make-up products suitable for your skin type helps the epidermis to normalize and helps limit excessive sebum production.

On the contrary, using aggressive cleansers and creams that clog the skin can cause irritation, redness and a more abundant production of sebum.

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