Ovaries, ailments and all remedies

Ovaries, ailments and all remedies

The ovaries are part of the female reproductive system intended to accommodate the embryo throughout its development. They are an important energy resource, play a decisive role in the menstrual process that occurs monthly and have a fundamental function at the endocrine level. 

>   1. Anatomical description of the ovaries

>   2. Natural treatments and therapies for the ovaries

>   3. Yoga for the ovaries

>   4. Traditional Chinese Medicine

>   5. Other disciplines for the ovaries

>   6. Curiosities about the ovaries



Anatomical description of the ovaries 

The ovaries are located between the navel and the pubic bone and weigh about 30 g and are connected to the uterus via the uterine tubes or fallopian tubes or oviducts. In human physiology it happens that when the mature egg is expelled from one of the two ovaries and is released into the peritoneal cavity it is pushed by the movements of the cilia that line the walls of the tube and by the contractions that occur in the oviduct. In this way the egg ends up in the uterine cavity . 

The ovaries are the female gonads and both produce female germ cells or oocytes (gametogenic function) and secrete the hormones estrogen and progesterone, as well as a small amount of androgens (endocrine function).

Natural treatments and therapies for the ovaries 

At the hormonal level, the imbalance that tends to occur often, with the accompanying appearance of acne, is the polycystic ovary. It is possible to act successfully both on a phytotherapeutic and homeopathic level, but it is first of all necessary to go to work on a food side, trying to reduce if not completely eliminate possible pro-inflammatory foods .

The values ​​of the glycemic index should remain low and not experience spikes. In addition to dietary indications, sport and an activity that allows to eliminate toxins is what is necessary to restore internal harmony. 

Cases of ovarian cysts are very frequent in women, especially of childbearing age .

You can learn more about the symptoms, causes and natural remedies for ovarian cysts

Ovarian cysts


Yoga can greatly help women to re-tune with their hormonal balance also through sessions of meditation and controlled breathing In fact, the yogic practice was born in the male field and is handed down from teacher to student, but recently great teachers such as Gabriella Al Chamali Cella have structured a system made on purpose to assist female energy, supporting it in all phases of the moon.

In this case, his yoga is called Ratna yoga (the yoga of the jewel) and contemplates the recitation of mantras, the execution of mudras and the in-depth study of all the symbolism linked to yoga.

Specifically, among the yoga asanas  useful for the female reproductive system we find the forward bending while seated ( Paschimottasana ) and the position of the candle with support ( Salamba Sarvangasana ).

Traditional Chinese Medicine  

Generally when you go to treat the imbalance of one of the two ovaries or both, in Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture is used  usually to strengthen the Spleen, move energy and calm the mind, the use of herbs to tone the yang of Spleen and Kidney and eliminate any mucus and we try to work in a functional way to the transformation of Humidity that could stagnate inside the body. 

A really effective tool in this sense is the energetic work in static and dynamic, or the qi gong . Taoist basic energy work exercises strengthen the flow of energy and calm the overactive mind. 

Other treatments for the ovaries 

Phytotherapy is also a valid ally as regards disorders of the female reproductive system. For example, the Dioscorea villosa which contains diosgenin, able to regulate the production of hormones.

Secondly, black cohosh , which, in the form of an extract, is valid both for polycystic ovary syndrome and for premenstrual syndromes but also for menopausal heat: it also alleviates insomnia and headaches linked to hormonal imbalances.

Evening primrose oil , very tolerable and easy to consume, is effective for the treatment of ovarian cysts. Borage oil is also very effective.

Herbal treatments based on calendula are classic in the treatment of ovarian pain related to the menstrual cycle. Rubus Idaeus bud extract is also useful for PMS.    

Curiosities about the ovaries 

The ovary is a mobile organ and the position depends on the physiological state of the woman. In the case of a nulliparous woman , the ovary is in the Krause’s ovarian fossa, while in the case of a multipara woman : the ovary descends occupying the ovarian fossa of Klaudius.

Ovaries are organs with endocrine activity: find out more about the endocrine glands

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