4 ways to lose weight without a diet according to a nutritionist

4 ways to lose weight without a diet according to a nutritionist

Not only is it possible to lose weight without a diet. But that’s the only way to do it, according to a doctor.

In fact, Arnaud Cocaul is a French nutritionist who treats his patients’ overweight in a way that goes against the grain: he tells them not to go on a diet. In fact, Dr. Cocaul is known to be against what he calls ” the dictatorship of thinness “.

We go on a diet with the aim of losing weight, he says, but in most cases we gain weight because we tend to abandon the diet and go back to old habits, with the difference that in the meantime we have compromised our metabolism. As a result, the more diets we do, the more we tend to gain weight. But how does Dr. Cocaul make his patients lose weight? Simple, he listens to them.

In fact, he says that there are always causes behind being overweight, and that it is enough to find and correct them for people to lose weight without a diet . In general, however, there are 4 ways to lose weight without a diet that the French doctor recommends.


1) Have a flexitarian type diet.

A difficult word that indicates a simple thing, that is to eat less meat and fish, choosing a vegan or vegetarian diet most of the time. He recommends one serving of red or white meat per week, and one serving of fish. During the rest of the week, vegetables, fruit, pasta, rice, tubers, whole grains, legumes, vegetable proteins such as tofu, some eggs or cheeses must make up our dishes, preferring fruit and vegetables.

2) Use smaller plates.

To lose weight, you don’t necessarily have to follow a diet with all foods weighed per gram.
One solution is to eat smaller plates instead, in which we put everything we will eat in that meal.
If you are still hungry, you can finish the meal with a piece of fruit. Those who cannot use a smaller plate can opt for the slimming plate .

It is a dish that is divided into three compartments: one for vegetables, one for pasta and one for proteins. The food should only occupy the bottom of the plate. You can then mix everything together as a single dish. There are several on Amazon – this is the easiest to use. Split Slimming Plate for Portion Control | Well-designed portion control and food ideas for sustainable weight loss

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