Dr. Oz’s stubborn fat diet

Dr. Oz’s stubborn fat diet

Losing those 3 or 4 kilos where it is needed: dream or reality? If the first pounds go away with a diet, indeed, with any diet if put forward, the problem is when you still have a “soft” appearance despite the daily calories being under control, we exercise, we lead a more greet. In short, there is that plus size or half size plus that we would like to get rid of, but our efforts so far have been in vain.

Stubborn, subcutaneous fat that does not go away. How to get rid of it?

In this article, we see Dr. Oz’s stubborn fat diet: a slightly low-calorie but not aggressive diet, based on some key ingredients to purify itself and push the body to get rid of those unnecessary pounds. Created by Dr. Oz’s nutritionists, including famed Dr. Liz Vaccariello, this stubborn fat diet was originally released under the name Rapid Melt Plan .

Dcomedieta collects the advice of Dr. Oz and offers you an example plan to implement them correctly.


  • Introduce more foods that deflate and purify: in the plan on page two you will have the list
  • Take green tea, lemon juice and specific drinks and herbal teas
  • Focus on spices and aromatic herbs that reduce the glycemic peak of meals: there are 5 choices to vary.

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