4 programs for healthy weight loss

4 programs for healthy weight loss

4 diet programs for healthy weight loss that are not the Mediterranean diet, but which have shown great advantages both for losing weight and for solving the problems of the metabolic syndrome (other cholesterol, high triglycerides, visceral fat, high blood pressure).

In particular, these 4 weight loss programs not only allow effective weight loss, but at the same time educate to a more correct diet .
So more than diet we are talking about learning to eat healthier and cleaner, drawing many benefits not only for weight loss, but also for health.

In short: if the extra pounds are not your only problem , but you also have high cholesterol, high triglyceride or blood sugar values ​​and you don’t know where to start, here are four diets that are absolutely right for you.

For some there is also the book in Italian for those wishing to learn more, and in link my article with the diet plan.


    Dr. Furnham’s diet causes you to lose nine pounds in just six weeks with the philosophy of eating healthy, eat well and cleanly. The book in Italian is there, even if it refers to the first edition of 2011, not to the revised one of 2014. However, only the recipes change, not the substance. There he is.
    The gut is our second brain, and how we digest greatly determines how we get fat.
    And as far as an “intestinal” diet is concerned, there are many programs that you can try to do.
    For example: Dr. Watson ‘s Intestinal Flora Diet , Dr. Pier Luigi Rossi’s Intestinal Diet , the Swift Diet. Of the two foreign diets, the Italian edition of the book has been published.
    While not one that supports gluten free diets and the gluten free fashion, 30 days of paleo diet in which to eat simple carbohydrates, vegetables, lean proteins and good fats will make you lose weight and get back in shape.
    Hoping that from the 31st day you will not go back to pizzas. You can find it here.
    Don’t want to give up dairy products and cheeses altogether? Then try the Primal diet. 
  • THE 17 DAY DIET.
    The 17-day diet is from a few years ago, almost, but a new updated version has come out in America. Let us be satisfied with discovering how in a month and a half our body can be transformed thanks to the method of dr. Moreno.

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