1250 calorie summer probiotic diet: flat stomach and 5 kg away

1250 calorie summer probiotic diet: flat stomach and 5 kg away

The 1250 calorie summer probiotic diet is a diet that takes advantage of the seasonality of fruit and vegetables and the use of fresh and prebiotic foods to help you lose weight , improving digestion and intestinal regularity. With this regimen, you lose 5 kg per month according to Dr. Emily Lachtrupp, who created the diet.

This summer probiotic diet is suitable for sedentary women who can take advantage of the summer opportunity to get in shape and are over 40. For younger or active women, I recommend supplementing with an asterisk after dinner to get the same results, considering a starting caloric requirement of about 1850-2000 calories.
However, consult your doctor before following her.


  • Recommended foods with probiotic action .
    Greek yogurt, kefir milk, kefir water, kombucha tea, tempeh, natto, yakult , blue cheeses, pickles, sauerkraut, instant miso soup, lactofermented vegetable juices and lactofermented vegetables, skyr or quark, stracchino with yogurt, gorgonzola.
  • Foods with prebiotic action.
    Raw honey or Manuka honey, oat flakes or oat germ, fruit (raw), cooked fruit, cooked vegetables, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, raw carrots, horseradish or horseradish sauce, plantains, shirataki noodles, legumes, almonds , chia seeds, flax seeds, buckwheat, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera juice, spices, ghee, raw olive oil.

On page two we see the diet plan. There are many options to allow anyone to be able to follow this diet, in the links you will find the products of Naturasì stores.

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