Dr. Morse Miracle Detox diet for weight loss and feeling good

Dr. Morse Miracle Detox diet for weight loss and feeling good

Doctor Morse a famous American naturopath, famous for having written a book, The Miracle Detox , in which he essentially explains that man was born as a frugivore, therefore he should eat fruit, some vegetables (considered fruits such as zucchini and plantains), and some fatty fruits like avocado, olives, coconut.

To this basic diet, Dr. Morse recommends edible flowers, and mother tinctures or glycerine macerates of particular herbs, such as dandelion, dandelion, or spices such as fenugreek. Its compounds in liquid form to be taken as a supplement in drops support adrenal fatigue, the nervous and lymphatic systems.


It is a diet that in theory should never be abandoned, although there are many people who follow it in spring and summer, and then add in moderation the protein sources from meat, fish or eggs or sprouted legumes. In theory, Dr. Morse’s diet should be followed for life. In fact, Dr. Morse does not admit proteins from animal sources and any type of seed or cereal considered “sleeping food” and therefore not very nutritious.

According to the book, complete tissue regeneration and cleansing of the excretory organs (liver, skin, kidneys) are achieved through this diet.
In fact, with Dr. Morse’s diet, not only do people lose a lot of weight by eating freely and with satiety, but according to him they solve many health problems and various diseases, even serious ones, such as multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia.

The toxins would be excreted mainly through the urine, which would then become cloudy in the first few weeks of the diet.

Acidosis, toxicity and inflammation are the three causes of all diseases.

For his part, Morse explains that he has helped thousands of people in over thirty years of activity, however there are no scientific studies to support his thesis, and in particular to support the idea that man’s diet should be fruitarian.

Fruit is undoubtedly packed with nutrients, and by combining it with coconut, avocado, olives, plantains or bananas, according to Morse, you should be able to get the minimal protein your body needs. This is partly true, via the effect of protein sparing that occurs in a high-carbohydrate diet like Dr. Morse’s or high-fat like the ketogenic diet. Protein sparing means that the body economizes on proteins by saving them for their main functions.

  • To prevent the detoxifying effect from being too drastic, Morse recommends eating raw fruits and vegetables but not just fruit.
    You can opt for the following solutions if you are approaching this diet for the first time.
  • A detox of 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 days in which only raw fruit and vegetables are consumed, together with spices, olive oil.
  • Detox the same over time but with only fruit consumption.

A period of fasting based on fruit and vegetable juices, in case of serious intestinal problems, usually for a couple of days.
Let’s see what is eaten in Dr. Morse’s diet.

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