Yogiraj Aruna Nath Giri

Yogiraj Aruna Nath Giri

Yoga master of international level, Yogiraj Aruna Nath Giri took ancient yogic and tantric forms and reformulated their canons, combining them with those of physiological, neurological and nutritional research.

Yogiraj Aruna Nath Giri

  • From Argentina to Sicily passing through India
  • Yoga and science
  • The title of Yogashree
  • The Culture of the Rishis


Yogiraj Aruna Nath Giri , a yoga teacher of Argentine origin rather active in Italy, especially in Sicily, where he moved about forty years ago, importing yogic culture and founding a whole school , left us on 21 October 2020 at the ripe old age of almost eighty years . is now active.


From Argentina to Sicily passing through India

Yogiraj Aruna Nath Giri was active in the legendary sixties as a traveling artist, and after visiting Europe he headed, like many at that time, towards the east, especially India . During his wanderings in the Indian subcontinent he was able to meet the master  Yogamaharishi Swami Gitananda , a curious teacher half Indian and half Irish, who at the time was already in his sixties and recently returned to Indian territory after years of medical studies in England and service in South America.


Yoga and science

Yogiraj Aruna Nath Giri spent a year in Yogamaharishi Swami Gitananda’s ashram, from which he took inspiration for his idea of ​​combining yoga and medical and food science , one of Yogiraj Aruna Nath Giri’s workhorses, so much so that his idea of ​​balance it can be defined as a synergy between a yogic approach and a scientific approach to human life and the search for knowledge. 


It was after his wanderings in India that, at the beginning of the eighties, he found himself passing through Sicily , where he decided to found the Rishi Culture Center , the yoga of the Rishis, active today for about forty years. But not only works in Italy, Yogiraj Aruna Nath Giri has also been active in other European countries, often returning to India to his teacher.


The title of Yogashree

It is precisely with Yogamaharishi Swami Gitananda that Yogiraj Aruna Nath Giri advances in his personal research and receives various honorary titles, not least that of Yogashree , reserved for a few and which could be translated as “radiance of yoga”, or teacher capable of spread the light of yoga. 


After these steps forward in his individual path, he continues to found schools around the world, from Argentina to Denmark passing through other Italian regions, such as Lombardy, becoming among other things, like his teacher, an expert lecturer able to entertain researchers and students with great savoir faire.


The Culture of the Rishis

The heart of the culture of the Rishis of which Yogiraj Aruna Nath Giri became the standard-bearer, lies in a yoga that combines inner and outer research, even in the most minute aspects of physiological and neurological studies, as well as the effects of a correct diet and correct lifestyles more generally. 


The yogic branch from which his school derives is the same as that of ashtanga yoga , based on a Bengali tantric school of which his teacher, nicknamed the “ Lion of Pondicherry ”, was a well-known exponent.

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