On July 15, 2020, the Chinese company named Xiaomi talked about its recent products, revealing several surprises for its users.

Xiaomi is one of the most important electronics companies on the market, as it has managed to successfully introduce itself since its first smartphone launched in 2011. The Chinese company therefore held a conference on July 15, 2020, to advertise the products it has worked on. recently. Below, everything that was shown in this event:

  • Mi Smart Band 5 . Fifth generation of this electronic personal trainer, which is equipped with a 1.1 AMOLED display , or 20% more than the screen of the Mi Smart Band 4. Like the previous products of this brand, thanks to the Mi Smart Band 5 it is possible to observe with the naked eye the time, steps, heart rate, pace, distance and even calories burned. In addition, it offers the possibility to observe the notifications of the Mi Home application . The Chinese company offers over 65 different types of displays for the device, including animated or customizable ones. There are even 6 different laces on the market , all with a different color so as to adapt to the style of each consumer.Xiaomi has promised a battery that lasts for at least 14 days , even facilitating the method of recharging the device. In addition, 5 training modes have been included for home workout, control dream brain activities, aids for stress management, deep breathing and menstrual cycle monitoring . Finally, the Mi Smart Band 5 connects to a Xiaomi smartphone to be able to better take photos from a distance . The Mi Smart Band 5 is sold from today starting from € 39.99 , with a discount valid for 24 hours  which brings the price to € 34.99.
  • Mi True Wirless Earphone Basic 2 . These are wirless headphones that allow high quality audio thanks to the best AAC format available. Obviously Xiaomi has also thought about an easy use for the device since, after connecting them to the company’s smartphones, they turn on immediately  as soon as we insert the following headphones in our ears (as well as close when we remove them). Furthermore, one of the most important features is the elimination of ambient noise, so as to make calls easier to understand. Finally, there are touch controls to adjust the volume, onebattery with a duration of 20 hours and well 5 with a single charge and to charge the battery a USB-C cable is used . The second generation of these devices are available from today starting from the price of 39.99 € , with a discount valid for 24 hours that brings the price to 29.99 €.
  • Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 . This scooter offers cutting-edge performance such as reaching 25 km / h, a gradient of 25% and a mileage of 45km . It is also equipped with advanced safety tools : the reliable eABS double braking system and the disc brake system . The tires are air chamber, thus allowing greater resistance on urban roads and quick recharging thanks to the Mi Portable Air Compressor . In addition, to allow safety even at night , Xiaomi has included bright taillights, rear brake light and even reflectors in the product. Finally, it was includeda screen to monitor speed, battery and driving mode. The Chinese company is even opening several service centers , and currently twelve are operating in six major cities in Spain. Finally, a foldable design has been used to allow you to transport the scooter in complete tranquility when we encounter road obstacles or need to be placed on your vehicle. The Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 is available from today at the price of 499 € .
  • Mi Electric Scooter 1S . Perfect for short haul travel, available from today at the price of 399 € .
  • Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 Mercedess-AMG Petronas F1 Team Edition . Made in collaboration with Mercedess-AMG Petronas F1 Team , we currently don’t know anything about the product yet but Xiaomi has promised more information in the future .
  • Mi TV Stick . Portable streaming device that turns any TV into a smart TV . It allows streaming up to 1080p and features Chromecast built- in, as well as a remote control with keys that lead directly to services like Netflix. The Mi TV Stick is available from today at the price of 39.99 € .
  • Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34 ″ . Thanks to the WQHD display and with an amplitude of 21: 9 , it adapts perfectly to the user’s eyes for the clearest possible gaming sessions. This item is available from today at the price of 399 € .
  • Redmi 9 . With this device, the company has ensured that it is making an “entry level” smartphone that surpasses any of the competitors’ features . The features discussed are the availability in three different colors , a larger battery and a longer life than other smartphones in this category. In addition, there are 4 cameras to take different types of different photos. It includes user-loved features such as bluetooth 5.0, headphone jack, FM radio, IR blaster and even the spreaker . Already available , the 3GB version with 32GB of memory of this Redmi 9 costs well149 € while the 4GB one with 64GB of mindfulness 169  .
  • Redmi 9C . It includes a triple camera, a 6.53 ″ display and a 5000aH battery , as well as being available in three color variants . Available from the end of July 2020 , this device will cost € 119 for the 3GB version with 32GB of memory and a whopping 139 € for the one with 6GB and 64GB of memory.
  • Redmi 9A . Highly reliable device that possesses the largest Dot Drop display in its class, a 50000mAh battery, 13MP Ai camera, a headphone jack and extendable memory up to 512GB . Available from today at the price of 99 € and has 3GB with 32GB of memory.

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