Today Microsoft presented Windows 11 to the world, let’s see what are the news that the brand new operating system has in store.

  • Windows 11: Microsoft’s new operating system unveiled

At 5:00 pm (Italian time), Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 , the newest version of its operating system, to the world. We got to take an in- depth look at the project , discovering many details about what lies ahead.

After the appearance of some screenshots on social networks and a somewhat bizarre teaser trailer, the first builds of Windows 11 were leaked on the net last week, giving users the possibility to find out in advance about the redesign of Microsoft’s operating system .

Already from the start of setup we can see a more updated, intuitive and touch-friendly graphics , depending on the device on which the OS will be installed. Once we reach the home, we find ourselves in front of a very pleasing product thanks to the many changes, rounded windows, new icons and a more fluid use of instances while multiple apps are running at the same time.

One of the news on everyone’s lips concerns the task bar and the Start menu . Instead of traditionally placed on the left in the center, taking inspiration from Linux systems, this can in any case be changed. We have the classic possibility of customizing the Start menu with apps to our liking, but the simple and intuitive design very similar to an app drawer certainly plays in favor compared to the previous Windows 10.

Windows 11

During the video we were able to admire the system at work in short sequences, which showed how it works perfectly on all devices.

The new animations , which are much smoother and more pleasant to watch, are particularly surprising. During the presentation it was also confirmed that the Microsoft system will be the safest ever , and that all software (especially proprietary ones) will be faster.

The new Windows 11 is in fact designed to adapt particularly to computers that use touch functions , while it aims in any case to improve the user experience that uses normal desktop PCs or prefers the classic use of mouse and keyboard even on a laptop.

The new layouts with which the windows will be arranged were also shown, which will adapt to the outside of the two classic squares that occupied the screens with different shapes and more possibilities. To improve communication with other users, Microsoft has decided to integrate Teams into the new platform, to make it even easier to use .

Thanks to Windows 11 , Android apps will become part of the sector of possibilities provided by Microsoft and can be used freely by users thanks to the potential of the system.

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