Let’s find out all the details of the Creative Live Cam Sync 1080p plug and play webcam already available in this dedicated review.

  • Creative Live Cam Sync 1080p – Plug and play webcam review

As the use of platforms such as Discord , Teams , and Zoom increases , more and more users find themselves attending meetings of all kinds , be it school, work, or a video call with friends and family far away. Obviously, for these objectives, it is not necessary to have a product that is perfect in every area, with excellent quality and complicated settings, when instead a less expensive and complete item from every point of view can satisfy every need very easily. We want to talk to you in this review of the Creative Live Cam Sync 1080p webcam , which comes with aquite complete package and able to satisfy the basic needs of most users .

Plug and Play and snappy

Interfacing with the Creative webcam ( you can buy it through this link ) you find yourself opening a rather minimal package, which on the back summarizes all the potential of the product, avoiding complex details also in this case. It must be said that the content does not give particular satisfactions , as it really presents the bare minimum: the instructions with the details of the product, and the camera itself, with the cable already connected. The first detail that you immediately notice is that this cannot be removed in any way, and it is therefore good to be careful not to damage it, automatically compromising the product itself. Although Creative has not opted for a sleeveless option, it must be said thatthe result is apparently quite resistant , and except in exceptional cases it does not seem likely to be damaged by accidental bumps or falls.

Creative Live!  Cam Sync 1080p

Moving on to the webcam, this is presented with rather small dimensions, perfectly standard considering the competition. Thanks to the base located at the bottom it is possible to attach it to almost any monitor, and it is also suitable for attaching to an additional base or a tripod. Considering the cable length of 1.5 meters it is possible to position it quite easily, and it is obviously easy to use any type of suitable USB extension cable. A further detail is the presence of a rubber cap useful for covering the lens and guaranteeing privacy, which can be particularly appreciated by users as an additional protection. For the same purpose, while using the Live! it lights up, which is useful to understand at a glance if the device is currently being used by any program.

Speaking of the link, this is where the strong part of the Creative Live Cam Sync 1080p webcam comes in which we want to delve into in this review. In fact, we are talking about a simple USB 2.0 type A, compatible with any port , and perfect to allow each program we have had the opportunity to test to correctly read the product and take advantage of its various features. With the connection to the system, no other operation is enough, as the concept of plug and play has been best married by Creative, and any user can juggle the product without additional needs, such as additional drivers or software to install.

Creative Live Cam Sync 1080p

An excellent compromise

As far as performance is concerned, we would like to underline that these are fully consistent with the price and possibilities offered by the Creative Live Cam Sync 1080p . We are currently talking about about 40 euros, which is more than acceptable for the main uses, even if as pointed out at the beginning it is good to consider that it is not a product designed for specific needs, but for a simple but complete use. The system integrates two internal microphones, which are sufficient for correct communication, but do not offer an obviously shocking result, limiting themselves to carrying out their task without infamy and without praise, but actually completing a complete basic package for communication that can be particularly convenient.

Coming to the product specifications, we are dealing with a camera that operates up to 1080p at 30 FPS . This can rotate up to 360 degrees and offers a viewing angle of 77 degrees , perfect for almost any location, and which is adequate both in the case in which the user is close during use, and for more distant objectives. Without having to maneuver with the settings, the white balance and the auto focus allow communication (and recording) to a more than acceptable result, with the subjects that manage to be well highlighted and do not have blur in principle.

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