Who is Deepak Chopra

Who is Deepak Chopra

University professor of neuroscience, expert in transcendental meditation and Vedantic philosophy, expert in ayurveda and quantum physics, friend of many celebrities from Mahesh Maharishi Guru to Michael Jackson … That’s who Deepak Chopra is.


Deepak Chopra, between internal medicine and ayurveda

Deepak Chopra, author of various bestsellers on alternative medicine, a topic of which Deepak Chopra is today one of the major exponents and supporters, has found a niche in  the vast movement of alternative medicine and that of the new age .


Well known especially in India and throughout the Anglo-Saxon world, he studied Internal Medicine in the United States before starting to devote himself for a long time to transcendental meditation and ayurveda . 


This transition began after meeting Maharishi Mahesh Yogi , the famous guru of the Beatles and the first true “global” guru. Maharishi Mahesh convinced him to establish a collaboration and to open an Ayurvedic medicine center, a discipline that in the 1980s was still to be discovered in the Western world. 

Science and yoga

Over the years Deepak Chopra has become known for the theses presented in his many books, best sellers, and for his friendships among VIPs. According to Deepak Chopra’s vision, in line with ancient yogic assumptions, the human body would have extraordinary potential still to be fully developed . 


Not only full health and the ability to express energy at the highest levels, but also the ability to oppose the law of old age, that of death and, finally, many laws of physics such as gravity .


With Deepak Chopra, the ancient yogic theses find a new guise, scientific or pseudoscientific, with numerous references linked to quantum physics . Cutting-edge science supporting timeless concepts.

Teachings, books and podcasts

Although some of his avant-garde ideas seem to distance themselves greatly from academic science, Deepak Chopra is a university professor and directs Ayurveda institutes . 


If that wasn’t enough, in addition to writing books mainly to expose his pseudoscientific theories based on Vedanta, Deepak Chopra conducts a podcast in which he touches on many topics : will and destiny, becoming oneself, how to fulfill oneself during one’s life and fully express one’s potential. , technology in the service of world peace, how to have an efficient sleep, study of the models of reality. And many others.

Quantum Healing

His Vedantic approach places focal importance on the role of consciousness in the evolution and formation (and perception) of the universe . 


According to Deepak Chopra, consciousness would be at the center of everything and each of us would be nothing more than a look of the Whole on himself . Consciousness, in its less mentalized forms, would also be found in the deoxyribonucleic recesses of cells, often in the form of fears, memories, desires and instincts of animal origin and sometimes also linked to previous states. 


Following this logical thread, Chopra suggests the possibility of mastering these levels of consciousness, defined as “quantum”, and reprogramming the cells avoiding aging and death , products of catabolism programmed by ignorance. 


How? Having a strong scientific basis in neuroscience, Chopra emphasizes how consciousness is able to direct the release of many neurotransmitters with even extreme influences on the body . Of all this, meditation and awareness would be the irreplaceable foundations. 


This process, which Chopra proposes in books, special courses and academic lectures, is called quantum healing . According to some statements by him, in some cases certain intense forms of quantum healing would be able to reverse even HIV and some cancers .  

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