Fibromyalgia and EFT method: interview with Fabiola Canelli

Fibromyalgia and EFT method: interview with Fabiola Canelli

Fibromyalgia: a difficult to diagnose syndrome that requires personalized treatment times and methods, such as the EFT method. Fabiola Canelli tells us about it.


What is Fibromyalgia for Medicine that you know of? Has there been an evolution over time in the medical reading of this syndrome?

Fibromyalgia , even today, is a difficult disease to diagnose, it can take a long time to identify it and unfortunately the diagnosis is made by exclusion.

Personally I believe, and I say this without any controversy and if anything with a bit of regret, that there is still a lot of confusion in classifying this disease .  

Sometimes it is considered autoimmune , others a rare disease, still others a rheumatic disease, certainly a chronic disease; it is certainly an “invisible” disease and, alas, when the ideas are unclear, it can still happen to be considered an imaginary patient.

Fibromyalgia is not degenerative so it does not “deform”but it is certainly a disabling disease and, despite this, in Italy it is not recognized by the health system.

Joint pains are the most taken into consideration , together with the alteration of the wakefulness and sleep cycle , but the symptoms can be many, often different from one patient to another.

However, in my opinion, there have been some steps forward , in fact most doctors today recommend multifunctional therapies, from drugs to psychological support, from movement to nutrition treatment, to relaxation techniques.

What is fibromyalgia and what has it been for you personally?

For me, fibromyalgia is and has been many things .

First of all, a monster in my head, because for years I was considered an imaginary sick person; I was losing one piece at a time , one arm, then the other, my back, one leg and then the other, my eyes, but according to the doctors I was stressed, depressed, anxious, psychiatric, hysterical, in short , my ears listened to a little bit of everything .

I can assure you that stress, anxiety and depression during certain complex paths are certainly present but as a consequence of not being understood, helped, treated, accompanied.

Today I am forty-two years old,I had the diagnosis about seven years ago, but I started to feel the first signs of the disease many years before … it was long.

Fortunately, today the “monster” no longer exists, fibromyalgia is something different every moment .

In some periods she is a wise old woman even a little severe who reminds me to love myself more, to take care of me, to give my body what it needs and to put myself first, in other times she is a companion of silent and respectful adventures that is good to observe my successes and almost compliments me.

Before, you were involved in music and you were a dialogist: have you completely changed your profession? 

Yes , I changed my profession and I do not rule out the possibility of changing it again!

Due to fibromyalgia, or perhaps it is more fair to say thanks to fibromyalgia, I first of all needed to seek a way of healing and to cure myself I discovered these energetic techniques: EFT and Matrix Reimprinting (an advanced EFT technique).

The great impact they had on my state of health, on the recovery of my body , on my strength, on my mood and on my human and personal change, was so strong and positive that it came spontaneously and naturally to me to channel all my energies into the study and, subsequently, in the practice and teaching of these techniques.

Music continues to be part of my life from other angles, such as teaching at school, EFT work with musicians and, more generally, with the artistic environment.

Being a dialogist has been a long, wonderful and unforgettable experience, a very significant path for my professional training and the development of my creativity at 360 degrees.

Until now, however, I recognize that nothing has ever involved me as much as carrying out the work of the EFT practitioner , being in contact with people and helping them to overcome their limits, create new paths in life, being able to give others what a I have been missing for a long time, it fills my heart and life with joy.

What exactly is EFT?

EFT literally means Emotional Freedom Tecniques . It is a self-help technique that allows people to learn to practice it independently in a short time.

You “tap” ( tapping ) on ​​some points of traditional Chinese medicine and during the tapping you verbalize an emotional journey , in fact the emotions are dealt with.

Tapping causes the amygdala to calm down , a gland in charge of controlling the “fight or flight” system involved in the production of stress hormones and, once the amygdala is calmed, our body stops producing cortisol and adrenaline and begins to produce endorphins, hormones of well-being.

At this point,the body and mind go into a state of deep relaxation and from this new perspective it is possible to access the path of problem solving.

It does not matter whether it is physical pain, emotional blocks, illnesses, goals to be achieved or behavioral habits, from this new state, we can intervene on ourselves, we can change our limiting beliefs, remove traumatic or stressful events from the past and enter new ones. and endless possibilities in life that we may never have considered.

All this emotional work brings back to the natural self-healing capacity of our body and mind.

EFT was developed by psychotherapist Roger Callahan(initially TFT, Thought Field Terapy) and then given to the world by Gary Craig , a student of his who studied, simplified and disseminated EFT as we know it today.

Do you think that personal responsibility for one’s condition contributes to healing?

I believe that personal responsibility not only contributes to healing but is fundamental.

In my opinion, our health, our well-being, from all points of view, cannot be delegated to others, indeed, when people come to me convinced that everything depends on others and ” that it’s all the fault of … “, I know exactly what will be the starting point for our work.

To what extent is external help and expertise necessary?

I think that competence and external help are equally necessary and important in the paths of help and personal growth.

Sometimes life wears us out, sometimes alone we can no longer even perceive ourselves, or others, much less what surrounds us.

We all need trust , we need someone capable of seeing beyond us, beyond our darkness, we need courage and tenacity; experience and expertise enable us to do this for others and it becomes the greatest gift we can give to ourselves.

You wrote a book about your experiences. What, in particular, did you want to highlight?

I wrote “What if it was NOW? – EFT and the wonder of transformation ”which speaks more deeply about the technique, I illustrated twelve direct experiences of people who changed their state and their life using EFT and finally I added some of my personal experience . Now I am waiting for the second edition.

I thought that reading directly, emotion after emotion, how it is possible to transform and transform the state of things , is the fastest and most effective way to approach such a path.

My biggest wish is that through testimonials and disclosure, eft can truly become “for EVERYONE”, this is why my site is called just like this: EFT for everyone.

In Anglo-Saxon countries, there are many scientific studies that testify to progress on various problems and diseases and many experimental protocols in hospitals , so if it is possible abroad it could also be possible here.

I work every day to make my dream come true , I am convinced that bringing EFT into medical and healthcare facilities will be a great turning point and a great help for many, many people.

I happen to collaborate with doctors, psychotherapists and health personnel and I would like this to be the normality of things, so I constantly dedicate myself to this goal with all my passion.

Do you have an anecdote to tell us?

The anecdotes to tell would be many , it is a complex job but which makes everything extremely simple. 

Lately I have worked with children, with cancer patients, with bipolar people, who have lost their jobs and started again … there are those who started coming to me devastated by loneliness and in a short time they started a family.

Just at the presentation of my book in Rome, a very moved man came to me, telling me that he remembered having come to EFT just before making an insane gesture. This man thanked me for saving his life , I never imagined (before starting EFT on me!) That such great things would happen to me in my life.

Each of these experiences should be told , they are all extremely precious and encouraging, everyone, starting each from a different condition, has come to make significant and decisive changes.

As an operator and, above all, as a human being, I constantly experience gratitude, I teach it to everyone, because truly gratitude is the emotion that opens the doors!

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