Where to learn foot reflexology

Where to learn foot reflexology

Foot reflexology allows you to benefit the whole body by massaging the foot. To learn it you need to attend specific courses.

Where to learn foot reflexology

Foot reflexology: what it is

Foot reflexology is a type of massage that focuses its treatment on the feet .

According to foot reflexology, the body is reflected on the feet: standing up and bending forward, the body is reflected on the back and on the sole, as seen.

The head will therefore be at the level of the big toes and the pelvis at the level of the heels, the abdomen and the front of the body are reflected on the sole while the back and the back on the back of the foot, and by analogy the soft parts on the fleshy areas. and the bony ones on the bony ones.

By stimulating the areas on the foot , the organs and various parts of the body are stimulated distally.

Reflexology then circumscribes small areas called epicenters : they are points of particular characteristics linked to organs and functions, located outside the reflex zones.

There are many schools of reflexology , and each one has its own imprint.

Learn foot reflexology

To learn foot reflexology it is necessary to rely on teachers prepared not only on the protocols to be applied, but also on other complementary and essential subjects.

A school should have the following characteristics:

human anatomy and physiology course : reflexology cannot ignore the function and location of the organs. If you do not know anatomy and physiology it is impossible to determine where to press and for what reasons to do it, and therefore you proceed at random.
A good school provides the adequate information to understand where the reflex zones and the epicenters are , as well as what can happen going to stimulate both one and the other;

theoretical principles of reflexology : what it is and what it is for, where it comes from and the types of massage;

practical experiential reflexology sessions : you learn by practicing, and it is therefore important to practice as much as possible under the supervision of an expert who is able to correct and direct;

self-listening and empathy course : it is difficult to be a good reflexologist if these two qualities are missing;

deontology and professional ethics course , to learn about the areas of application of massage.


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The schools of foot reflexology

Some of the major reflexology schools operating in Italy and which for years have been training professionals in the service of well-being are:

Lumen di San Pietro in Cerro , in the Province of Piacenza: it is one of the best and innovative reflexology schools in Northern Italy. The course is divided into several practical and theoretical modules, with related insights into analogy medicine .
The particular method applied takes the name of Holistic Podalic Reflexology® , and is taught in Piacenza, Milan, Padua and other locations in Italy ;

On Zon Su School is a traditional Chinese massage school for foot reflexology ; the professional course is divided into 3 years divided into modules and is exhaustive both from a theoretical and practical point of view, with insights into traditional Chinese medicine ; has offices in Liguria, Veneto, Lombardy and Lazio .


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