Where can we find the most important nutrients

Where can we find the most important nutrients

If we ask ourselves where we can find all the major nutrients, we open the organic basket: most of the nutrients our body needs are found in the garbage. 

I know, bad to say, but there is no better way to say it: we are wasteful, we throw away tons of food useful for our health, eating often and willingly foods depleted of the substances that the body needs most. We throw away the fruit peels, the leaves and the hardest parts of the vegetables , the egg shells (which are rich in calcium: I have used them for a year as a natural calcium supplement, if you want to know how click here ): in practice tons of food.

But there’s more: if our twin ate our stew instead of what we eat at the table, in all likelihood he would have better health and would eat better, according to experts.
What to do? The best thing would be to wash all the fruit and vegetable peels well, for example, in a solution of baking soda and apple cider vinegar or amuchina, and then reuse them. Same thing for cheese skins that have not been treated with wax, for example.
You don’t have to be Luciano Bottura to reuse waste in the kitchen.
Lisa Casali ‘s books , and for example her eco-kitchen, are enlightening, a real must have for those who want to eat well without wasting. But also sites like NonSprecare , offer hints and ideas to reduce waste at the table.

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