The diet against eczema and skin problems

The diet against eczema and skin problems

Well yes, when we have problematic skin , we are subject to eczema, dermatitis, couperose or we even suffer from psoriasis or acne, even though we are no longer adolescents, it is not enough to use topical (and often medicinal) remedies to solve the problem. The solution is also nutritional, as I had already mentioned in the article dedicated to psoriasis here.
The skin should also be put on a diet, as well as the body. 
In particular, here is a list of foods whose elimination, for a period of not less than 4 weeks (with gradual restoration after this period) will benefit our skin if we suffer from eczema or other unattractive and problematic dermatological situations.

In a diet against eczema, psoriasis, couperose, acne, frequent dermatitis, the following foods must be eliminated:
– wheat and cereals that contain gluten
– solanaceous such as aubergines, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, chilli, goji berries
– milk, dairy products , dairy products
– industrially processed, vacuum-packed, canned, prepared foods (rich in histamine)
– soy and oilseeds
– seafood, nuts and peanuts
– alcohol, coffee, sweets (also pay attention to chocolate)

For four weeks the diet must instead contain vegetables apart from solanaceae, sweet potatoes, legumes, fruit of all kinds, meat and fish (except pork, chicken, salami and shellfish for fish), coconut, chestnuts and related flours, pseudocereals such as quinoa and buckwheat, gluten-free oats, rice, vegetable coconut milk. Then you can try introducing some of these foods, starting with eggs and nuts and seeds for another three or four weeks. In the following weeks, the prohibited foods that remain should be introduced in moderation in quantity and not every day.

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