When the body sends us signals of fatigue

When the body sends us signals of fatigue

The body sends us messages and to live better we should listen to it. When it sends us signs of fatigue, we should learn to stop and take better care of nutrition


The frenetic rhythms of our lifestyle often prevent us from listening to the messages that the body sends us. The body has signals for fatigue, to indicate it clearly.

The need to sleep and to unplug are not necessarily bad signs; indeed often these are tools that the body uses to invite us to take a break.

Sleep and fatigue are defensive signs

Fatigue is the first defensive signal of our organism ; the body tells us: stop, protect yourself, you need a break. It invites us to calculate the hours of sleep we need.

When we ignore signs of stress buildup for too long and can trigger negative reactions resulting in other symptoms, including severe nervousness and worsening mood . Holding the usual rhythms then becomes impossible and everything appears more complicated.

When the body sends us signals of fatigue, there is only one thing to do: rest. It is a simple and effective cure; on the contrary, ignoring the signs of fatigue can be very harmful.

You don’t need to push your foot on the accelerator and you don’t need to be always active to reach the often too ambitious goals that the Western lifestyle imposes on us. By learning to take the right breaks, you will soon discover that goals are achieved by dosing energy, not wasting it.

Also try astragalus, a tonic plant, against fatigue

Treating fatigue with nutrition

Fatigue is also cured by eating properly. Many times, when the body sends us signs of fatigue, it tells us that our diet is lacking the right nutrients . How to make up for it?

The pines are a valid  help against fatigue, like  apricots ; the same thing goes for  chestnuts , which should however be eaten in more moderation, especially in the case of weight problems, as they are particularly caloric.

A good cup of tea  fights fatigue and helps concentration. Other useful foods are oats , spinach , nuts , bananas and all other foods rich in minerals and vitamins (especially vitamin B1).

If, despite a proper rest and a correct diet, fatigue persists, it is advisable to contact your doctor; in fact, it may be the first symptom of a pathological condition, for example anemia , diabetes and thyroid disorders, just to name a few.

Fatigue is also one of the very first symptoms of expectation , in which case it is possible to resort to valid natural remedies against fatigue in pregnancy 

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