Radionic cards, what are they

Radionic cards, what are they

According to the manufacturers of the radionic cards, there is a specific numerical sequence to cure diseases or to manipulate reality.

Radionic cards, what are they

Radionic tiles: what are they?

The radionic tiles are small plastic plates on which numerical sequences are indicated. The numerical sequences developed according to the indications of Grigori Grabovoi, a Kazakh scientist who worked for the aerospace body of Uzbekistan.

According to the manufacturers of the radionic cards, there is a specific numerical sequence to cure diseases or to manipulate reality, facilitating situations to one’s advantage.

The indication is to bring with you the radionic cards that you have chosen according to your needs .

Radionic tiles: Grabovoi’s theory

According to Grigori Grabovoi, reality can be converted into mathematical and geometric information, so it can all be traced back to a sequence of numbers and shapes.

Each element of what we perceive , both physically and subtly, as well as spirituality and soul, has its own optimal number sequence. For example: there is an optimal number sequence for the healthy body and for each of its parts.

There is an optimal sequence for each limb , for each organ, etc.

The same thing also happens for objects.

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We are therefore immersed in an infinite cauldron of information . Grigori Grabovoi managed to encode the information of reality in numerical sequences. Precisely these number sequences are shown on the radionic cards.

When a body is not healthy, it is therefore possible to restore harmony by applying the radionic cards to the patient for a certain period of time : the card, “loaded through a tachyon crystal that transfers the bio photons of the sun and its healing essence onto the cards. “ (Cit. Producers of radionic cards), restores the original information and eliminates the reasons for imbalance, be they physical or psychological.

According to Grabovoi’s theories, external reality is also subjected to the same rules of equilibrium that can be codified in a numerical succession: in this way the radionic tiles would also allow us to modify the world outside us and to manipulate it according to one’s will.

There are numerous radionic cards on the market for specific diseases and situations .


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