Dcomedieta’s diet for menopause

Dcomedieta’s diet for menopause

It is called ” The diet for menopause ” and is the new book by Dcomedieta after ” The Diet of Substitutive Meals “.

This is a book that can be very useful for all women who want to understand menopause, are in menopause or are approaching this delicate moment.


The book, divided into 4 chapters, deals with the issues of proper nutrition, symptoms of menopause and how to reduce them, correct lifestyle and physical activity, diets for menopause, both normal-calorie and for weight loss.

It is updated with relevant scientific studies, with the opinions of nutritionists and experts, and presents in-depth schemes that can be useful from a practical point of view. There are articles reviewed from the best of my site and absolutely unedited parts.

From the loss of body fat on the stomach and legs, to the way to reduce the glycemic impact of food thanks to cooking tricks, to the tips to reduce nervous hunger in menopause.

There is also talk of hormones, thyroid, natural supplements to reduce the symptoms of menopause, foods and small recipes to improve intestinal regularity. There is also talk of the mistakes to avoid in menopause.

In short, it is an easy and understandable guide that addresses all the issues and advises how to behave in certain situations, dispels some false myths about metabolism and women’s health and offers many ideas and solutions that will allow you to have concrete help.

The book “The Diet for Menopause” by Dcomedieta is currently available on Kindle at the launch price of € 0.99 , free for those who are subscribed to Amazon Kindle. After the launch period, it will be available in pdf on the Dcomedieta website for 7 euros, and in kindle at the regular price of 6 euros.
If you want a copy of the paper book instead, it’s on Amazon, at a cost of about 14 euros. The printed book can be found here.

To take advantage of the offer of the book in Amazon Kindle format, click here. 

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