Walking in the mountains? Here is the clothing you need to choos

Walking in the mountains? Here is the clothing you need to choos

Have you ever thought about starting to get some exercise in the fresh air? There are so many benefits to starting to exercise outdoors and it’s nice to start  walking in the mountains every weekend.

Why the mountain?

Because it is easy to do, walking is a natural movement for humans, the mountain is a place to breathe clean air, the difference in height tones the legs and buttocks and improves the cardio-circulatory system.

And then every time you can choose a different scenario for our hours of freedom by exercising. And already this, the fact of not being in a gray gym but looking around breathing deeply is something very interesting, isn’t it?

But let’s see what it takes to walk.

Which clothing to choose?

Walking is great, it stimulates the metabolism, helps the heart and circulation, makes our legs more toned. Furthermore, it is proven that walking for a while can also release nervous tension.

My tips are all very practical, also because walking is something that has to do with nature and does not cost at all.

The only shopping that must be done, and done well, is to go to a shop selling items for walking in the mountains, such as  Mancini Store , which is organized with a section dedicated to mountain clothing that can be used for any climatic condition. .

It is clear that an outdoor sport involves the purchase of a pair of sturdy trekking shoes, which are able to protect our feet from slightly bumpy roads, a breathable technical trousers but also that do not let the cold pass. in winter, a good windbreaker and a large backpack. We must be prepared for any type of weather because it is equally important to know that this is a type of exercise that can be done in any season

Walking is good because it sets our whole body in motion, in the true sense of the word. And then because we can really choose different places every time we decide to walk.

The combination of effort and walking renews our body making us feel healthy and beautiful.

The only practical advice to take into consideration, again and again, is to understand well what type of path we are going to do and to choose the difference in height based on what our physical preparation is at the moment. It is useless to start thinking that we are Messner in the mountains of Nepal, we need to start gradually.


Walking in the mountains is a way of doing complete exercise, perfect in every season with the right equipment which is also the only expense to do before starting this sport, this hobby, this lifestyle. Nothing is more beautiful than a sport in contact with nature that allows you to explore a different part each time, with different panoramas and a different altitude difference. I recommend, start from the easy routes, without being too explorers. Better to start by measuring your skills to better appreciate the beauty of what we do.

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