5 properties of Norwegian salmon you absolutely need to know

5 properties of Norwegian salmon you absolutely need to know

I would very much like to tell you about the  properties of Norwegian salmon  and I would like even more that, after reading this article, many of you decide to include it, permanently, in the weekly meal plan as it is healthy and good to eat.

You know the Norwegian salmon?

Norwegian salmon is rich in amazing organoleptic properties, after a life spent rather easily in the beautiful fjords that are the characteristic of this land. Not being scrambled so much in life, Norwegian salmon is considered the one with the most prized meats.

Predatory fish, it lives in marine waters most of its life but is famous for going upstream, at a certain point in its life, and returning to the fresh waters where it was born to lay eggs, as the life cycle wants

It can live up to ten years and can reach a length of one and a half meters for more than 20 kilos of weight.

But let’s see all the properties it has.

5 properties of Norwegian salmon

Thanks to the omega3 and polyunsaturated fats of which it is rich, Norwegian salmon is perfect to be included in a balanced diet, at least a couple of times a week.

Being rich in protein, it is not even fat and tends to satiate without weighing down our body.

And then it’s good, which really shouldn’t be underestimated!

Salmon is:

  1. antitumor. In fact, the positive incidence of omega3 in tumor findings has been studied
  2. anti aging. Polyunsaturated fats and omega-3s fight free radicals that are the cause of both crazed cancer cells and skin aging.
  3. antidepressant. An important improvement in mood was noted when it was decided to include salmon among the foods of the diet.
  4. anti-dementia. As for depression, it is very interesting to see how the properties of salmon help our brain to remain lucid, without running into those senile problems that are difficult to digest such as arteriosclerosis or real dementia.
  5. anti-cholesterol. It is perfect for improving good cholesterol at the expense of bad cholesterol and thus also improving cardiovascular activity which is closely related to our way of eating.

Salmon, then, and this certainly should not be underestimated, is also rich in vitamin D, the same vitamin we eat while in the sun and which is perfect for fortifying our bones and fighting osteoporosis.


Never let it be said that we are not talking about the beauty and goodness of some foods that are not typically Italian. It is clear that sometimes it is easier to put on a plate of pasta with tomato sauce than a lightly seared salmon. But salmon is good, it’s very good! It is good for the bones as well as for the head, it improves cholesterol and the heart, it is anti-tumor and improves the skin, this without making you fat, being rich in omega3 and polyunsaturated fats. I would not like to take up a well-known advertisement at the beginning of the 80s but I cannot but say: Seeing is believing, what do you think?

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