MSi is certainly one of the leaders in its sector and, not surprisingly, many of the products it launches on the market end up at the top position of …

MSi is certainly one of the leaders in its sector and, not surprisingly, many of the products it launches on the market end up at the top of many of the hardware rankings. In this case we have analyzed one of the “hybrid” keyboards, the Vigor gk60 which allows you to play at maximum performance or to be the most trustworthy of your companions in terms of work, such as who writes to you right now who has just disconnected from an online game and finds himself typing on the same keyboard.

Vigor gk60


In terms of packaging, the Vigor gk60 keyboard looks like all MSi products: quality is the right word , with attention to detail and the strength of the packaging that tightens and wraps the entire keyboard body, preventing any damage, of course the box may be sketchy but the contents will remain repaired and without scratches.

Vigor gk60


The design choices for this Vigor gk60 are decisive : starting “from the bottom” we note that the keyboard has four unusual rubber feet and a sort of hollow that keeps it slightly raised from the desk or table where it is placed; one of the aforementioned feet is positioned perpendicularly under the space bar, which allows strong pressure of the key without the danger of slipping and you can do it in complete safety, even from a resistance point of view, because it rests on a resistant element. The hollow under the keys allows you to slide headphone cables under the keyboard, for example, arranging your station in detail and avoiding unnecessary flicker of cables while playing.The keyboard also has four unique metal keys , perfect for highlighting the WASD directional cross typical of those who play, after all we are talking about a gaming product! Below we find a Cherry MX Red mechanism that as we know is perfect for gaming because it allows excellent response feedback and a rapid pressure of the keys, the latter illuminable both with the MSi software and with the quick keys, placed above the directional cross on the right, which can be activated thanks to the “dragon” key (FNZ) located to the right of the space bar. Everything is finished with a metal base that makes the keyboard solid on the base that will hardly move from the position you prefer.


Vigor gk60


We could describe our direct experience with Vigor gk60 with the phrase “I didn’t know I needed it but now that I know I would hardly go back!” and that’s right: the keyboard never disappoints, both in the gaming field where it really gives its best with programmable keys, with ergonomics and stability but also and above all while you work, when for example you have to write hundreds of characters per minute and the thought that the keyboard has a guaranteed life span of over fifty million keystrokes well, let us tell you, is really comforting. It is a nice product, which never hurts because it combines excellent performance with a truly refined design, simple but not trivial, useful but not uncomfortable: in short, it is truly an excellent keyboard.

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