Do you want to shake up your smartphone performance? Thankfully the Razer Raiju Mobile has arrived! The pad is inspired by the classic …

Do you want to shake up your smartphone performance? Thankfully the Razer Raiju Mobile has arrived! The pad is inspired by the classic Xbox controller , which for years has been synonymous with comfort and quality for many players. However, this “version”, if we want to call it that, adds several elements that favor the use on mobile phones. First of all it is right to highlight the analogs and the two additional buttons on the back, which allow you to have total control of the action on the screen.

Talking about the back there are three selectors, two that are used to soften the movement of the triggers and one to connect the controller both via cable and bluetooth. The pad can memorize the connection with different smartphones, without having to reconnect everything every time. In addition to the four classic keys there are also power LEDs that encourage accessibility to the gaming functions.

Razer Raiju Mobile

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The pad is very comfortable and compact thanks to a grip that favors grip, with a weight of about 400 grams that could annoy some players, but precisely in function of this firm and natural grip you will not feel any kind of discomfort. The Razer Raiju Mobile also features a small adjustable rod above the gamepad that can easily hold any type of phone. However, there is one very important thing to specify: the pad is compatible only and exclusively with PC and Android device , so Apple products are excluded from the list.

In all this there is also an app capable of programming the various keys of the game, so that you can shape the commands in your image and likeness. Unfortunately, however, game support is quite poor, since not all mobile titles are compatible with the device . Here too there is an important explanation, as for some competitive games it may be unbalanced to play with the pad.

We would like to clarify that we are talking about purely competitive titles, since when it flows into the single player with games focused more on narrative, the final result is fantastic. In conclusion we can say with certainty that the Razer Raiju mobile is a valid product that convinces and even if for some games it is not compatible, you should not be afraid. If you are interested in knowing which video games you can use the pad with, find the complete list here .

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