Victoria Beckham’s diet: royal honey

Victoria Beckham’s diet: royal honey

victoriabeckhamSuperfoods or as they say in English superfoods are now in fashion, both as natural foods with antioxidant, purifying, slimming but hypernourishing properties (acai berries, avocado, pistachio) and in the chewed and non-GMO version of the magical potions of witch of the past: concoctions and powders or creams that contain a series of elements that, according to the enthusiasts of the method, allow beauty and thinness and youth all at once. And so, I read today that Victoria Beckham , normally a breadstick who changes her diet every week or so to stay under size 38, uses this to stay fit: it’s called the Bee Panacea , and it’s a formula based onraw royal honey enhanced with twenty Chinese herbs . You can find it here, at a price not really for everyone. Yes, but what does it do? You will ask me. The answer is boh. According to Beckham, this super-food based on royal honey would be an energizer capable of making her feel good all day without the need to eat , because it would take away the cramps of hunger. I don’t know what is more wrong: whether to live with the pangs of hunger all your life, or to take royal honey in an enhanced form to say you have a beauty secret. Anyway, if you want to feel like a true American subway, American women obsessed with glamor are stocking up on it, it’s the new trend

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