Coffee is bad if you drink it like that

Coffee is bad if you drink it like that

caffefamaleCoffee is the trick of the diet: all people who want to speed up their metabolism drink coffee or tea of ​​all kinds. Notice how many times we hear about green coffee or green tea for weight loss, or we read in some articles that drinking more coffee makes your metabolism faster. Of course, caffeine, like theine, and nicotine as well, are all substances that act on the metabolism in an almost mechanical way, being stimulants . So, to give you an example, if I drank two liters of coffee a week from one day to the next, in addition to being very nervous, I would also have a metabolism speeded up by my hyper arousal. This is something quite clear and intuitive for everyone, and explains why most people have a coffee to “wake up”.However, like any stimulant, coffee can wake up the metabolism to a certain extent and like any stimulant it ultimately worsens our metabolism and our attempts to lose weight rather than improve the situation. In short: coffee is not only not an adjuvant in the diet, but precisely for weight loss it can be a double-edged sword. If we drink it on an empty stomach, coffee hurts us , very badly, and runs the risk of lazy metabolism because it irritates the stomach and acts throughout our body with the effect of a slap.
A negative effect, in short, that even if at the beginning it is precisely the alarm we need in the long run, it causes us a “defensive” response from the body, opposite to what we would like for example to lose weight quickly. I found out late. On the one hand by reading Haylie Pomroy’s super metabolism diet , on the other by reading articles by dieticians and nutritionists on coffee, like this one by dr. Pierluigi Rossi . So what do you do, you don’t drink coffee anymore?
No. But first of all you don’t drink a lot, limiting yourself to a coffee for breakfast and one after lunch . And above all, don’t drink on an empty stomach. Even for breakfast, before the cup it is better to eat something and drink at least a glass of water. The body will begin to be more friendly to us, and the metabolism will also be more efficient than we thought by bingeing on coffee.

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