Vegetarian Scarsdale diet to lose 4 kg in 15 days

Vegetarian Scarsdale diet to lose 4 kg in 15 days

The vegetarian Scarsdale diet is a variant of the popular low-carb, low-fat Scarsdale diet.

Compared to the classic two-week variant of Dr. Tarnower you lose a little less weight, due to a greater presence of carbohydrates. Therefore, those who want to try the vegetarian Scarsdale diet can lose 4 kg in 15 days, and not regain it if they follow the maintenance plan. He can then repeat the diet for another 15 days the following month, and then a maximum of once a month until all weight is lost.

The benefits of the Scarsdale diet are its convenience and simplicity, and the fact that it undoubtedly works for weight loss.
In this article, therefore, we will see only the vegetarian variant, and in brackets the options to make it totally vegan.

If you want to try the classic Scarsdale diet, you can find the official weight loss plan and the doctor’s maintenance plan here.
As always, I recommend that you inform your doctor before trying a diet.

Weekly plan

The weekly plan is 7 days. It must be repeated for another week. It cannot be prolonged, at least two weeks of maintenance must be done. There are three meals a day.
Those who want to eat something between meals can only eat raw carrots or raw celery.

Breakfast, valid for every day.
A 25 gram slice of protein bread, replaceable with soy bread.
Half a grapefruit or 100 grams of orange.
Coffee or tea with zero calorie sweetener.

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