Vegan guru goes into early menopause: better omnivorous

Vegan guru goes into early menopause: better omnivorous

Virpi Mikkonen , a famous Finnish influencer and vegan guru, is a somewhat complicated story , who allegedly said goodbye to the vegan diet due to the health problems that would have arisen after so many years of rigid diet and vegg militancy.

Author of 4 vegan recipe books, very popular on instagram with over 165 thousand followers, and above all known for her vegan friendly recipes similar to omnivores, such as vegan ice cream cones, vegan donuts, vegan lasagna (in short, you understand the genre) , Virpi said goodbye to the vegan diet forever.
Reason? Because of her diet , she would already be in menopause.
At 39 she is in fact a bit lazy.

But she also says she had a rash on her face, and went to a holistic Chinese doctor who advised her to eat steak.
That said, it seems that Virpi accuses the vegan diet of having only damaged her health.

But if we go to see what he ate, well, here the last problem was veganism .

You can be a good vegan or a bad vegan (from a dietary point of view) just as it is certainly not certain that an omnivorous diet is healthy. But Virpi had pushed his choices beyond the absence of foods of animal origin, which has nothing to do here.
In fact, he would have decided to eliminate gluten first, then all cereals from the diet. Finally he said goodbye to all sugars.
And then she went raw.

Now, a balanced vegan diet includes all grains, simple sugars (but not honey), and of course both raw and cooked foods. Could it have been these eliminations that made her sick? More than a doubt comes, but Virpi is back to the hamburger (the real one).
“This diet is not for everyone. It can be okay if you lead a low-stress life in a Miami mansion, ”she said.
And she rightly got a lot of criticism.

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