Shelton diet to deflate and lose weight

Shelton diet to deflate and lose weight

The Shelton dissociated diet is a diet that relies on the right combinations of foods to increase digestion, reduce intestinal swelling and inflammation, and lose weight. It is a diet called “hygienist”, which compared to other dissociated diets (Hay, Montignac, Antoine) has much more precise and severe pairing rules up to raw food, restrictive veganism and therapeutic fasting.

The classic type of the Shelton diet is in fact almost mono-food.


Dr. Shelton from the Thirties took up the principles of food hygiene, developing them in numerous books in which he recommended only one food per meal or only one class of foods per meal (for example, a meal of vegetables and mixed vegetables).
There is NO scientific evidence to support this diet.
However in practice it works both to lose weight, even many kilos, and to deflate immediately.
The testimonies in favor are tens of thousands.

In short, the main dissociation is between protein foods and starchy foods. Fats should be limited.

Proteins cannot be mixed together, some types of fruit must be consumed alone, same thing for some protein foods.
The idea is that protein foods need a medium / acidic environment, starchy foods a basic one, acidic foods an acidic environment.Mixing them creates digestive stress, resulting in metabolic slowdown.

The diet was developed by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton to improve digestion and lose weight and water retention caused by inadequate nutrition. There are no precise doses, but specific rules and combinations between foods. According to the testimonies of losing at least 5 kilos a month even by eating to satiety.

On D come Dieta I’ll explain how to do the Shelton diet in a non-restrictive way, from the book “Food Combining Made Easy” without, however, talking in depth about the more extreme versions of the diet

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