Vegan diet and allergies: how to behave?

Vegan diet and allergies: how to behave?


Despite the success of the vegan diet, many people struggle to combine a healthy diet with a diet without animal products. The most trivial reason why this happens is that many vegans make the mistake of relying on industrial products for their nutrition, while it is essential on the contrary that the vegan diet is as natural as possible. This is to ensure all the amino acids in the diet (not only from the combination of cereals and legumes) and as much mineral salts and vitamins as possible.
But there is another problem that many encounter while on a vegan diet. How to deal with allergies?
Soy allergy, nickel allergy and nut allergy are very common, limiting food choice for vegans.
In this article we will see.
How to reconcile a vegan diet and allergies.
The new supplements that can help those on a vegan diet but have additional limitations.

Let’s start with the first point.


  1. Vegan diet and soy allergy.

    Although many protein products on the market are based on soy, even in the form of excipients and additives (soy sauce, lecithins, although the latter are not problematic), those who are allergic to soy can follow a vegan diet as long as they include fakes. grains such as quinoa or amaranth in your diet, and powdered protein blends such as hemp protein, pumpkin seed protein, brown rice protein. Like Roots’ Shoots Vegan Protein Preparation with the addition of Vit B12 .
    In place of soy sauce, Coconut Aminos taste the same, and can be safely used as a sauce for rice noodles, vegetable dishes, shirataki. Find them here: Coconut Secret Coconut sauce .
    Almond milk, hemp milk, coconut or hazelnut drink are safe alternatives for those allergic to soy. The Harvest Moon fermented coconut yogurt can now be found in many organic shops.
    For vegan cheeses, you can make a homemade cheese with coconut or almond milk. Here a recipe.
    Avocado, spirulina, dried fruit, dried mushrooms must not be missing in the vegan diet of those allergic to soy.
    In addition, avocado, dates and coconut can be ingredients for making vegan ice creams without soy. Here a recipe.
    Finally, an orange light also for other legumes, especially if canned.

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